Our Five Favorite Wedding Bouquets. You’re Welcome.

It wasn’t an easy task—since every year, without fail, spring offers up some of the most fetching, eye-catching wedding bouquets we see all year—but we’ve picked our faves. These types and styles speak to us here at Griffin’s Floral Design, and we think we’ve got the perfect bride for each one.

The Natural

We’ve talked about big, wild and shaggy bouquets before, and we expect we’ll continue to talk about them well into next year. The look is voluptuous, unrestrained and over-sized, and if they could be said to have a shape, we’d call these bouquets oblong. The unstructured look works equally well for the boho bride or the glam one, since both wedding styles embrace a sense of excess and plenty. If you’re wearing a sleek, minimalist gown, consider the dramatic impact a set of flowers like this would make against it.

The Color Story

Peach is the “It” color for spring bridal bouquets, which makes sense, since it’s vivid and yet subtle, modern and yet classic at the same time. We love peach’s range, which can go from a modest, barely-there touch of color all the way to corals and tangerines. We’re also seeing floral palettes inspired by the sunset, the desert and, when you get right down to it, the earth. If you’re the bride walking the thin line between graceful and sweet and modern and bold, peach may be just the color for you. On the other hand, if you’re still feeling last year’s moodier, edgier hues, add a little peach to give a punch of bright color to your dramatic palette.

The Season Opener

There are some signature blooms associated with spring, and for good reason. They’re gorgeous and fresh and seem to communicate all that spring is about. Think garden roses, peonies, lily of the valley and hyacinth. A bride who wants to pay homage to the season would do well to fill her bouquet with these constant crowd pleasers.

The Forager

Many spring bouquets are making use of interesting greens or other natural elements like pampas grass, olive foliage and fern. This look is half flowers and half greens or other elements, and it’s perfect for the eco-friendly, earthy bride.

The Statement

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen is utilizing one large standout bloom around which all other flowers bow down. King protea, anthurium, spider mum and even a large succulent or an air plant are the centerpiece in these bold, statement bouquets. If you’re the bride looking to showcase one spectacular flower, look no further. This is the approach for you.