Have the Wedding of Your Dreams in Fall or Winter!

Both autumn and winter can be perfect seasons for having the outdoor wedding you have been planning. Although the weather may be a factor and temperatures can dip, an outdoor ceremony takes advantage of the beautiful fall colors or the snowy backdrop on a frosty day. If a destination wedding is in the works, a fall or winter wedding date works wonderfully at a venue with warm sea breezes or city nightlife. Talk to the experts at Griffin’s Weddings and let them know what you really want for your outdoor wedding. We can take care of the details while you dream of your outdoor wedding day.

Timing is Everything

 While the weather may certainly be the factor that you first consider when thinking of an autumn or winter outdoor wedding, those who want a late afternoon or early evening ceremony should remember that the length of day shortens during the autumn and winter seasons. If natural light or a sunset wedding is your wish, consider a late afternoon time no more than an hour before sunset. If an evening wedding is your goal, external lighting sources are needed, especially if you also hold the reception outdoors or in a wedding tent at your chosen venue. As you plan your ceremony, alternative plans due to stormy weather or frigid temperatures should be formed. Whether you choose natural lighting for a daytime wedding or an evening ceremony under the stars, your romantic fall or winter wedding starts with deciding on timing for the wedding and reception.

Fantastic Fall Nuptials

As the summer heat fades away, couples start planning outdoor fall weddings to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and vivid hues of the season. An afternoon wedding on a crisp autumn day is within your reach with a little planning. Temperatures may drop as the ceremony and reception progress, Consider providing blankets, in your choice of color for each guest, and have a pre-wedding cocktail hour serving warm drinks and coffee. A warm meal during your reception and encouraging guests to get up and move on the dance floor can also alleviate the evening chill. The use of fire pits and outdoor heaters will also help everyone stay comfortably warm during your autumn outdoor wedding. With a bit of planning, your autumn outdoor wedding can be the picture of romantic love for you, your beloved and your guests.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Possibilities

Winter weddings and outdoors seem to be words that are not compatible. However, there are a number of reasons to consider an outdoor venue even if your wedding date falls during the winter months. Destination weddings, a popular option, secure a venue without the worry of ice and snow or freezing temperatures. Warm breezes and bright sun can the backdrop of your destination outdoor winter wedding. Of course, some couples prefer to highlight the snowy landscape and crisp weather. Whether holiday-themed or a winter lover’s paradise, an outdoor winter ceremony, with provisions for the lower temperatures for guests, showcases the love between a couple as they exchange their vows.

Both fall and winter are captivating seasons to consider having an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor weddings have a sense of romance for many couples. Consider allowing Griffin’s Weddings to design an autumn or winter outdoor wedding that is a vision of your perfect wedding day. By choosing your date and the time of day of your nuptials carefully, and considering the location of your venue, and possible alternative plans, your outdoor ceremony will be all that you imagined it to be.