How to Make Your Wedding Safe During a Pandemic

Autumn can be such a special time of year to plan a wedding! Temperatures are generally falling along with colorful leaves from the trees. Even during this time of Covid-19, love is in the air. Planning a momentous reception may take a few more steps, but Griffin’s Weddings is happy to help. Let our advisers help you decide on the perfect venue, the best food service and the safety needs of your guests to make your wedding reception a truly spectacular celebration.

How Big is Too Big for Your Venue?

The locale of the wedding and reception is often the first thing chosen after the happy couple has announced their engagement. In general, the first decision will be indoors or outdoors? This question may become even more important during the pandemic. An outdoor venue will provide fresh air and plenty of space for guests to safely social distance. However, even an outdoor wedding might have an indoor reception in a building or a tent set up on the lawn. Spacing tables and providing wide pathways for guests will help everyone stay safe. When choosing an all indoor locale, choose a large venue and consider having fewer guests at each table during the reception.

Farm Fresh Inspired Wedding Table

Style Your Reception Accordingly

Once a venue has been chosen, the next order of business is often food service during the reception. Wedding buffets have been popular for quite a while due to their generally lower cost than a sit-down meal and ease of service. A buffet can still be a great choice if certain precautions are added such as plexiglass shields over the food and servers to plate the food items for each guest. Some couples prefer a more formal seated dinner. Consider having fewer guests at the reception so that there is room to seat all guests apart and so that fewer servers will be needed. Even during this pandemic, you do have choices to make the reception dinner smooth and safe for everyone.

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Respect Your Guests With Safety Measures

Engaged couples also have to consider the health and safety of their guests while planning a wedding and reception during a pandemic. Providing hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue and encouraging guests to remain 6 feet apart or in small groups are just a couple of ways to enjoy your celebration while ensuring the safety of your guests. Couples also need to follow their state’s guidelines. If masks are mandated, encourage guests to wear masks that match their outfits. Masks should also be provided at the reception for those who need one.

Planning a safe wedding reception is the goal of couples in the wake of Covid-19. By choosing a venue that is large enough or by limiting the guest lists, social distancing is possible. Whether you prefer a seated dinner or a more informal buffet meal, following safety protocols will allow guests to enjoy your reception. Finally, checking with your state guidelines and providing and encouraging the use of masks and hand sanitizer stations can ensure that all your guests remain healthy. Let Griffin’s Weddings show you the best way to have the wedding reception of your dreams.