Flowers Fit for a Queen

At some point in her past, almost every woman has dreamed of her wedding day. Having a royal wedding day complete with a princess gown and pageantry is what so many brides-to-be envision as they see themselves gliding down the aisle. Whether you want a grand and majestic wedding or a simple, uncomplicated one, adding touches of royalty can make any wedding special. Once the dress has been chosen, allow Griffin’s Weddings to create the wedding bouquet of your royal dreams!

Princess Kate in Wedding gown

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Characteristics of Royal Wedding Bouquets

Size Matters

It would seem to make sense that royal wedding bouquets would often be larger than life as their human counterparts often are. However, the wedding bouquets chosen by future royalty for their own weddings often have several things in common, including a modest size. True elegance demands subtlety even at a wedding surrounded by nobility. Creating a bouquet that allows a bride to feel as though she is a princess is a true honor to us. Understated bouquets similar to the arrangements of royal weddings of the past and present will give a bride the chance to be a queen for her day.

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Pure White

Another aspect of many royal wedding bouquets centers around the shade of flowers most often selected by royal patrons. While some bouquets contain a hint of color, many are all white. So many varieties of white flowers are frequently used in wedding bouquets. Royal brides may choose roses, lilies or even orchids, in pure white to enhance the beauty of their dress. Choose from a variety of snow white blooms for your own royal wedding bouquet. Set against a backdrop of greenery, beautiful pure white flowers will be breathtaking as you make your entrance on your own noble wedding day.

Royal Wedding Couple

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Tradition Is On-Trend

While a royal wedding seems as though it would be completely fancy and over the top, that is generally not the case. Subtlety is prized and elegance reigns supreme. Simple tradition is often the choice that sets apart a royal wedding. Brides today can choose traditional as the overall theme of their wedding. You can also add a royal element by designing a wedding bouquet that includes traditional flowers arranged in a style similar to many brides who were once future queens or princesses. Choosing understated elegance and white flowers will make any woman believe she can have a royal wedding too. We are ready to make the royal bouquet of your dreams!

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Royalty and wedding simply seem to go together. Being a princess, even for a day, is a dream that so many women have. Griffin’s Weddings can help make that dream come true. We have a wide variety of flowers to choose from, including pure white, traditional flowers such as Lily of the Valley, roses, and hyacinths. Whether you want a commanding arrangement that everyone will notice or a small bouquet with a few cherished flowers, let us create a wedding bouquet that any princess would love!