Charming and Affordable Wedding Flower Ideas

Planning a wedding on a budget is no joke, but it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Sticking to your guns when it comes to prices can often mean getting to exercise your creative muscles. When it comes to your floral choices, the wedding professionals at Griffin’s Weddings have plenty of great ideas about how to help you choose less expensive flowers, create fun designs with the flowers you do use, and how to plan your wedding’s time and place for optimal savings. Take a look at some of our favorite money-saving ideas and tips, then enjoy the planning process for a fabulous wedding!

Choose Inexpensive Varieties

Certain flowers are simply less expensive than others. Choose flowers that bring a lot of color, style and joy to your special day without blowing your budget. For example, daisies and sunflowers are just about the most cheerful flowers around. They also happen to be very reasonably priced, so you can include more of them throughout your ceremony and reception decor. Likewise, small blooms traditionally known as “filler flowers” are taking center-stage at on-trend weddings everywhere these days. Use baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s Lace or waxflower to create a floral wonderland for your special day. Build your day’s decor around these options and find yourself cutting corners in all the right ways. 

Choose Creative Style 

Do more with less when you include a lot of greenery in your wedding decor. Vines or garlands that have small pops of color still bring a festive look to your venue. Garlands placed down the center of reception tables can be sparse when placed atop a fabric runner. Also, choose to replace expensive blooms like roses or dahlias with less expensive, but equally frilly and full, blooms like carnations and chrysanthemums. These gorgeous blooms offer a multitude of colors, styles and texture without the expense of other flowers. Finally, opting for a minimalist look can be a great way to save in many areas of your wedding day- including flowers. Choose barely-there garlands instead of lush greenery, place single-stem blooms in clear vases for tabletop decor instead of oversized centerpieces. The look is completely on-trend and your budget will love you for it.

Choose Your Timing

A little strategic planning when you choose your wedding venue and date can mean a lot of savings for your budget. For example, holiday weddings are a great way to take advantage of holiday decor in churches, gardens, museums and other wedding venues. Likewise, an outdoor wedding in a botanical garden, local park or beach can provide a lot of decor naturally, leaving room in your budget for that stunning bouquet you’ve been eyeing. Choosing flowers that are in season and local will lower the cost of those blooms significantly. Take advantage of basic supply and demand with a little up-front research so you know which flowers will be most available during your wedding season. 

Choosing the flowers for your wedding is one of the exciting elements to wedding planning and should be a joyful endeavor. Getting a little creative while staying flexible, along with a bit of planning ahead, can make a significant difference in your floral budget. For more great ways to save big with your wedding flowers, talk to the floral experts at Griffin’s Weddings. We have plenty of experience design flowers and other wedding decor on a budget and we’re here to help you create the day of your dreams!