Unique Wedding Venues to Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

Choosing a wedding venue should be a fun, exciting piece of your wedding planning adventure. While traditional venues include churches or synagogues, or your family’s backyard, these days many couples are choosing to infuse a bit of their own personalities and passions into the setting where they’ll declare their love for one another. At Griffin’s Weddings, we hope to help you and your partner choose the perfect setting for your wedding that reflects your life together beautifully. Here are a few of our favorite options.

Nature & Animal-Lovers

If the two of you love nature, animals and the great outdoors, there are tons of great options to keep you near that which you love most. Surround yourselves with some of your favorite creatures when you host your wedding at a nearby zoo or aquarium. Invite your favorite animals to join the party when you host your wedding, reception or both at a local zoo or aquarium. Many places have banquet rooms or other areas for large gatherings. Be sure to do your research and make sure you know what kind of access you and your guests will have throughout the venue. Other great nature-friendly venues include state or national parks, beaches, farms, or forests. 


For the adventure-seeking, there’s always something waiting just around the next bend. Invite your wedding guests to join you as you give them a taste of the excitement you love. For example, a gorgeous waterfall will make an amazing backdrop to the biggest moment of your life. Nothing makes a better backdrop than a waterfall. Be sure to do your research so guests won’t slip on wet rocks or get stuck while hiking to or from your beautiful setting. Depending on your favorite type of adventure, you might also choose a mountaintop wedding, your favorite sports team’s field or court, or even a treehouse (yes, this is becoming a thing and they’re awesome!).

Jet-Set Travelers

Those who love to travel know that even the mode of transportation can be exciting. Include the idea of traveling in your wedding environment when you host your ceremony or reception in an airplane hanger. Transform an airplane hanger into whatever you like when you utilize the open space effectively. Have a few old propeller planes as a backdrop for your photos and create a vintage Casablanca vibe. You could also choose a historic train station or even a wooden sailboat to set the scene for your travel-themed wedding. 


If you and your partner love to be on the cutting edge of the newest, freshest ideas, you’ll love hosting your wedding in an up-and-coming spot that everyone will be talking about for years to come. For those who love the nightlife, nightclub weddings are a hot option right now. Often these spaces are a great place to host your reception, then you’re all set up for a night of music and dancing without having to go elsewhere. Make the afterparty the actual party when you start in your favorite nightclub. You can also think about opting for a city rooftop, a refurbished industrial space, vintage or antique stores or an old movie or stage theater. Create a trendy vibe with your setting. 

History Buffs

Choose an idyllic historical venue to bring the past, present and future together during your wedding. Hosting your big event at a local historical building is a great way to tie it all together. So many historic buildings make extra-special wedding venues. The historic look is reason enough to host a wedding there, but if the history the building embodies is also meaningful to you as a couple, there’s simply no other option. Other great examples of historical venues might include museums, college campuses, or even historic libraries. 

No matter what type of venue you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception, be sure it’s a place that you and your partner will love. Let it reflect your shared passions, personalities and experiences. Your guests will love knowing one more amazing thing about who you really are. The wedding professionals at Griffin’s Weddings are here to help you make your wedding day the one of your dreams. Talk to us about what you love most and we’ll suggest the perfect setting, backdrop or environment to create the best wedding day moments for you.