How to Include Plants in Your Winter Wedding

A very now, very eco-friendly trend we’re seeing everywhere is the use of plants, instead of or in addition to, cut flowers for wedding decor. Plants bring sustainability to your wedding’s entire look, plus you can continue growing them long after the ceremony is over- just like your love for one another. For those who are having a winter wedding, there are plenty of plant options available to you to make your wedding stand-out gorgeous.  

The floral experts at Columbus Weddings have many great options for wedding plants that can be bought, or rented, used alone, or combined with your favorite flowers. Open up a world of possibility when you consider using leafy green foliage, succulents and other greenery for your wedding decor. 

Choose In-Season Plants 

Depending on what region of the country you’re wedding will be in, winter can be a great time to include beautiful plants. Flowers are less prominent, and the lush greenery will infuse your wedding day with abundance and life. 

  • Pine or Maple Trees: Go all out and add some pine or maple branches with foliage to your chapel or around the perimeter of your reception. The fresh wintergreens will give the appearance of a magical forest. Add twinkling lights for a starlit effect. 
  • Topiaries: For a more stately, elegant display, topiaries can be poised at the entrance to your wedding aisle, framing your ceremony, or as endcaps to your reception’s serving or drink tables. Place smaller versions as centerpieces on reception tables for guests to enjoy.
  • Succulents: Succulents can bring a rustic, natural element to your wedding. For a bohemian or farm-fresh look, use succulents as wedding favors, centerpieces, or even for place cards. Small enough to be included in your bouquet, or large enough to fill a table, succulents add diversity and intrigue to your decor.
  • Tropical: If you’ll be getting married in a warmer location, tropical plants like bromeliad and Birds of Paradise can be found all year round. Along with a variety of orchids, these blooming beauties can add tons of tropical energy to remind your guests that you’re in paradise. 


Consider Renting Your Plants

If buying and keeping so many plants will be more burdensome than you expected, consider renting your foliage from a local florist or nursery. Add the natural beauty you’re craving without the expense or leftovers. This is an especially smart option if you’re traveling for a destination wedding. 

Wedding Plants

Combine Plants with Flowers

Maybe you’ve been dreaming about including your favorite flowers in your wedding since childhood. You can still include these blooms by mixing and matching with plants. The plants will cut down on cost without losing the impact of being surrounded by nature. Plus, your flowers will stand out even more against all of the greenery.

Plants Designed with Flowers

Choose Your Containers Wisely 

The containers in which your plants are displayed will have as much to do with your wedding’s overall style as the plants themselves, so pay attention to what you use to show off your gorgeous wedding plants. For example, terra cotta pots are excellent containers for succulents and cacti at a rustic farm wedding, while an elegant polished box or marble vase will look amazing with topiaries. Place tropical flowers in clear, sparkling glass containers, and use woven baskets for vines, ivy, or other leafy wildflowers and plants. 

Baby’s Breath in Bulbs

Make your wedding your own when you add the style, freshness, and unique flair of lush greenery to your decor. With so many combinations available, your look can be customized to take on your own personal design. If you’re interested in learning more about how to incorporate plants and greenery into your winter wedding, talk to the floral designers at Columbus Weddings. We’ll walk you through your many options and help you choose the perfect look for your perfect day.