The Complete Guide to Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres

Wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces will complete the ambiance of your wedding locations, but some of the most important flowers for your big day are the ones that your favorite people will wear! At Griffin’s Floral Design, serving Columbus and surrounding areas, our florists are always here to help you choose the best wearable flowers, corsages, and boutonnieres for your wedding party and other special guests.

Who Wears Flowers in a Wedding?

Lavender Wedding Corsage

Lavender Wedding Corsage

Corsages and boutonnieres are designed to honor the most important people in your life on your wedding day. They also help your guests identify the wedding party and close family members. Anyone close to you can be deemed worth of wedding flowers, but there are some people who should have them no matter what.

Who Wears a Corsage in a Wedding?

Wedding Coursages for Bridesmaids

Wedding Corsages for Bridesmaids

Corsages are generally intended for female members of the wedding party and female guests. Each bridesmaid and the flower girl should have a corsage, in addition to the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom. If you have any female friends or family members carrying out special jobs, like greeting guests, giving a reading, or even a female officiant, these women should also have a corsage.

Who Wears a Boutonniere in a Wedding?

Men's White Rose Boutonniere

Men’s White Rose Boutonniere

Like the women with corsages, the important men and boys at your wedding should have boutonnieres. This includes the groom and groomsmen, fathers and grandfathers of the bride and groom, the ring bearer, wedding officiant, and any men who are greeting guests or ushering them to their seats.

Non-Traditional Inspiration for Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Other Wearable Wedding Flowers

While wedding traditions provide a great guide for choosing flowers for your wedding, there are no hard-and-fast rules you must follow. We recommend always honoring your special friends, family members, and wedding party with flowers, but no one says you have to stick with traditional designs and styles.

Alternative Floral Designs

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

Floral Hair Accent for Bride

When it comes to choosing flowers for women, there are myriads of fun, creative choices. If you like the idea of a corsage, but want something a little different, as your florist to create full wreath corsages, which wrap flowers all the way around the wrist. Or you can forgo the wrist in favor of the hair by ordering flower crowns or accents for up-dos. For a fun take on wearable flowers, have the women at your wedding wear boutonnieres, as well as the men. For a beach wedding, consider wearing Hawaiian-style leis or floral anklets. Your bridesmaids can also carry nosegay arrangements that look like miniatures of your bridal bouquet.

Unexpected Embellishments

4 Different Styled Boutonnieres for Men

4 Different Styled Boutonnieres for Men

Have a little fun with your boutonnieres and other wearable wedding flowers by adding non-traditional embellishments and plants. You can get festive with seasonal elements like wheat, berries, and leaves or achieve a modern look with succulents, feathers, or pearls.

Flowers for Four-Legged Friends

Dog with Flower Collar

Dog with Flower Collar

If any of your pets will be attending your wedding, you can include them in the floral festivities. Instead of ordering floral crowns, which are uncomfortable for animals, consider a floral collar, harness, or leash. Be sure to ask your florist to exclude flowers that are toxic for animals such as lilies, tulips, baby’s breath, and others.

Creative Designs with Traditional Appeal 

No matter the size or style of your wedding, our expert florists at Griffin’s Floral Design can help you select the perfect designs for your wedding corsages, boutonnieres, crowns, and more! We welcome you to contact us for more creative ideas!