Ideas for a Holiday Engagement

The holidays are a magical time, especially when you’re in love. The world is full of good cheer and twinkling lights, and you have your favorite person by your side. If you’ve talked about spending the rest of your lives together and feel like the time is right, proposing during the holiday season can truly be exciting! But how should you go about popping the question in the middle of such a busy season?

The design experts at Griffin’s Floral Design have a few ideas for you to consider, along with reasons other couples find the holidays such a great time to get engaged. Plus, we’ll give you a few proposal ideas to get you inspired. Feel free to borrow one of ours or use them to design your own unique proposal. Either way, it’s sure to be memorable for both of you.

Why Propose at the Holidays?

There are plenty of pros and cons to choosing a major holiday for a proposal. But ultimately, you know your partner by now. If she loves this joy-filled holiday season as much as you, this can be a great time to get down on one knee. You’ll be making a life-long memory to be savored for years to come. And, if you choose a spot that is easily revisited, you can come back each year to relive the memory. Finally, getting engaged is a big deal- both of you will want to share the news with friends and family right away. How fun to do it in person when you arrive for the holidays after putting a ring on it!

Why Are Christmas Proposals so Popular?

Ring and diamond experts will tell you that “engagement season” runs from Labor Day until Valentine’s Day. This is a time when more rings are sold and more engagements happen. Maybe it’s something about the warm, fuzzy feeling we get during the holidays. Maybe it’s easier to design a creative date without her catching on. After all, we do a lot of atypical outings, like ice skating and carriage rides in the snow, this time of year. We also love being surrounded by friends and family during a life-changing moment, and the holidays are jam-packed with these kinds of gatherings. Plus, this is a season of gift-giving- why not give the most precious gift of all while you’re at it? Whatever your reason, if you choose to propose during Christmastime, know that you’re in good company as this is one of the most popular seasons for proposals. 

What Are Some Fun Ways to Propose?

Holiday proposals can be meaningful and romantic when a few things are taken into consideration. For example, think about your partner’s connection to family. Are they close? Would she love to be surrounded by her parents, siblings, and cousins during such a momentous occasion? Or would she prefer to be alone with you for the big moment, then get to retell it later when you spend time with loved ones? Are you an outdoorsy couple? Choose a park or favorite camping spot to stage your scene. Do you two have a favorite restaurant or holiday tradition? Make plans to propose there.

If you truly want a private proposal, wait until you’re decorating the Christmas tree or unwrapping gifts, and include the ring in an ornament or as the last present you give her. However, you choose to propose, be sure to match the plan to her personality. After all, the point is to show her how much you know and love her as you ask her to spend her life with you. 

Planning a marriage proposal takes time and energy, so start thinking early about how you’d like to pop the question. The memory of this big event will become a family story, handed down to your children and grandchildren one day. For more ways to make this event magical and memorable, talk to the professionals at Giffin’s Floral Design. We can walk you through everything you’ll need to make this special day perfect.