Look for these Wedding Trends in 2017

Although the sentiment behind a wedding always remains the same, the trends and trappings seem to change all the time! Wedding planning reflects the society and culture we live in, which is increasingly less traditional. In other words, in 2017 we are seeing brides step outside the customary box and plan creative and memorable weddings that look a lot different than the weddings of just a few years ago.

Here are some of the hottest trends to keep an eye on:

Welcome to the Show: Brides are opting for elaborate entrances when guests arrive.  From dramatically themed, over the top decor, to actors in costume, to circus-style entertainers, some couples are taking the word “event” to a new level.

Taking it to New Heights: Brides are looking for soaring ceilings, and for new ways to use them! The vertical space of the venue – the “empty air” above the guests – is inspiring in new ways, with soaring floral designs, tall tapers as well as suspended florals, low hanging lights, and reflective baubles from the ceiling to fill the air.

Natural Florals:  Organic garden looks, including garlands and mismatched bouquets, continue to be hot among brides who reject the homogenous “picture-perfect” look of tradition.

wedding trends

Quick Change Brides: Increasingly brides want dresses that allow for the transformation from elegant ball gown for the ceremony to chic evening wear for the party. It’s as simple as removing an overskirt to reveal a sleek party dress underneath – one of the hottest bridal fashion trends.

If your style tends to be unconventional, Griffin’s Floral Design is uniquely qualified to help you plan your Columbus area wedding. We have decades of experience in designing, planning, and executing major events of all kinds, and we don’t just provide flowers – we can bring the linens, line up a selection of champagnes and wines, or provide spectacular event lighting.  Give us a call let’s talk about how we can make your day perfect. Traditional or not, we have the expertise and inspiration you’ll need.