Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

Now that your wedding is over, preserving your bridal bouquet may become one of your top priorities. There are many ways to preserve your bouquet so that you can remember how beautiful it was on your wedding day. You can choose a simple do-it-yourself method or seek professional services. Keep in mind no matter which route you take, the floral experts at Columbus Weddings recommend that you start preserving your beautiful wedding flowers by keeping them undamaged and in good shape during and after the wedding itself. Start the preservation process as soon as possible after the wedding. 

For fun, simple and inexpensive DIY preservation processes, try one of the following:

  • Hang and dry your flowers. Dry your bouquet simply by hanging it upside down in a cool dark space like a hallway closet for 7 to 10 days. Spraying it with holding spray or hairspray before hanging can help preserve shape and color. Once dried, design in an empty vase or hang for a wall display.
  • Preserve your flowers in silica gel. Another great DIY process involves silica gel. Found at most craft stores for under $10, silica gel is actually a sand-like substance that will dehydrate your flowers while preserving their color. Place cut stems in a layer of silica gel at the bottom of an airtight container and sprinkle blooms with silica gel to maintain shape and color. Leave undisturbed for a few weeks before gently blowing excess silica off blooms, then display beautifully.

Though DIY projects are fun and often provide a sense of satisfaction, professional services can ensure a lasting design. Talk to the floral designers at Columbus Weddings to see what services we provide or what vendors we might be able to recommend in this area. Some of our favorites include:

Professional services include freeze-drying your bouquet, which can take weeks to months so be patient with the process, but be ready for something fabulous when the process is complete. You’ll have a stunning work of art to display in your new home that will be a constant reminder of the beauty of your wedding day.