Pro Tips for Budget-Friendly Wedding Flowers

When planning your wedding, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. While flowers are still an important tradition in any wedding, it’s not necessary to blow your budget to include beautifully-styled bouquets you’ll love. Columbus Wedding Flowers have a few pro tips to help you navigate the choices and help you arrive at a beautifully-decorated wedding while sticking to your budget.

  • Think about your timing when setting a date. Avoid February, when flower prices are at an all-time high due to Valentine’s Day. Consider choosing a date near a holiday like Christmas or Easter, when churches and other venues may already be decorated for the occasion.
  • Add foliage along with flowers to fill out bouquets. Twigs, berries and eucalyptus are on trend and less expensive than the blooms themselves.
  • Filler flowers can stand alone and be designed in fresh, artistic ways for a stylish presentation. Think about entire bouquets of baby’s breath, carnations, or mums in monochromatic clusters that look amazing without costing as much as more expensive blooms.

  • Simplify your decor. The cost of including garlands, lavish centerpieces and abundant bouquets could be spent elsewhere. These are time-consuming to create and will cost extra to have a floral designer put together for you.
  • Repurpose blooms throughout the day. Use the florals decorating your ceremony again in the reception. Bridesmaids’ bouquets can become centerpieces for dessert or guest book tables, while clusters of flowers on the ends of aisles will make beautiful centerpieces at the reception.

Giving a little creative thought to your wedding budget and planning will ensure a beautiful and budget-friendly inclusion of gorgeous flowers on your big day. Talk about your budget with the designers at Columbus Wedding Flowers and let us help you create a day you’ll remember forever.

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