Small Wedding Benefits: Doing More with Less

Usually, when people imagine the wedding of their dreams, the images they have include a lot of extravagances. A huge dress, everyone you’ve ever known, a giant four-tier cake, and flowers everywhere tend to be part of the equation. Once you start to actually plan your wedding, however, you may find that keeping things on the smaller side allows you to include more. More details, more personality, and a more unique atmosphere can all be gained when you have a small, quiet wedding with just a few of your closest loved ones. The wedding professionals at Griffin’s Weddings want to show you why, besides the money you’ll save, you just might consider opting for a small wedding.

Blue and White Wedding Bouquet

Fewer People Means More Creativity

With fewer people involved in your wedding, you can be much more creative with all the details. From food and drinks to flowers and decor, music, seating and even your venue, thinking outside the box just became much easier. Consider that you won’t have to feed a few hundred people a basic chicken or steak pre-ordered meal, or stick to seasonal floral blends because your favorite flowers are too expensive. Since you won’t have the sheer numbers to accommodate, you can splurge on your favorites, indulge food sensitivities or preferences, and include your favorite mariachi band for entertainment. Creative seating (think hay bales for a rustic barn wedding or gorgeous carpets on the forest floor) is much easier when you only have a few people to include. 

Wedding Arch

Fewer People Means More Personal Touches

As for personal touches, you will have more ability and opportunity to have conversations, interactions, and meaningful moments with each and every guest when you keep your wedding guest list short. If you’ve been dreaming of a destination wedding, this is a great opportunity to pull together your closest friends and family for a weekend of fun together. Throughout their time together, guests will grow closer to each other as well as you, creating long-lasting relationships and memories. You’ll also have more meaningful interactions with all of your guests while truly enjoying your partner during such a special time (instead of a busy, stressed-out day that fades to a blur in your memory). 

Wedding Table Arrangement

Less People Means Less Drama

The drama that many brides experience with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, extraneous relatives, and guests can be avoided when the answer to “Why wasn’t I invited?” is a simple, “We are keeping things very small.” Fewer people also means that rainy weather, a caterer stuck in traffic or the wrong chair delivery is not a reason to panic. The chosen few will understand and be far more accommodating than a crowd of 100+ guests. Plus, whatever rules of etiquette are usually expected to be followed at a traditional, larger wedding can be bent and broken a bit in a smaller, more intimate setting with your closest people. The drama and stress you avoid by having a small wedding will be more valuable than the money you save!

Small Wedding

The thought of a small wedding may be off-putting at first, but as you think about the benefits, you may find that you can actually do so much more with fewer people, less fanfare and less formality. For some, a small wedding may be the perfect option. If you think this could be for you, bring your thoughts and ideas to the wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings. We’ll help you make the best decisions about what to keep and what to cut in your smaller, more intimate wedding. The result will be an event that you’ll love and remember forever- and that’s the main point, isn’t it?