What to Expect from 2020 Weddings

The year 2020 brought us a lot of surprises we couldn’t have predicted. As things begin to settle down, we turn our attention back to the hopes and plans we’d had before the start of the year. If you’ve been waiting to plan your 2020 wedding until now, it may be tough to know where to start. That’s why the wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings have created a list of major wedding trends for the latter half of the year. Take a look, decide what seems appealing to you, and remember you can make your wedding as traditional or trendy as you like! We’re here to help you discover some new ideas or inspire some of your own. 

Minimalist and Eco-Friendly Floral Designs

Keeping your wedding eco-friendly is a big deal right now. From paperless communication to upcycled floral arrangements, everyone loves to see an event that respects our environment. Think about how to reuse the flowers from your ceremony in your reception, stretching your flowers as they do double-duty. We’re also seeing plenty of white with lush greenery in floral arrangements. Alabaster or eggshell whites accompanied by ferns, eucalyptus, or deep forest greens make a stunning, classy display for weddings and receptions. To encourage eco-awareness in your wedding guests, give succulents or seed packets of herbs as wedding favors. 


This year’s wedding flower is the dahlia. Full blooms with multi-layered petals create a reliable mainstay for any bouquet. Plus, dahlias come in a wide range of colors, from soft pinks and whites to deep oranges, reds and purples. Choose these blooms to symbolize your strength, kindness, and unfailing commitment to one another. 

Flowers in a Dark Color Palette

Bright, unusual colors are taking center-stage this year. From deep golden and mustard yellows to a not-pink, not-purple cassis, colors are big and bold. Even a faded denim hue is becoming wedding-ready, while icy neo-mint and an array of blues will be seen at weddings everywhere. Any combination of these shades, or just the inclusion of one of them, will bring your wedding into modern trendiness fast. Fortunately, these are great fall colors and will wear well through the end of the year. 

Edible Flowers

A surprising and unexpected twist to any wedding reception is the inclusion of edible florals. Whether you sprinkle these beautiful delights on desserts, toss in salads, adorn your wedding cake with them or freeze them in fancy ice cubes, you can trust that edible flowers will be a talking point among your guests all evening. 

Floral Installations

A show-stopping trend for the ages includes floral installations. These works of art using live flowers are amazingly stunning. Install a floral archway to walk beneath, stand in front of an oversized floral hoop, or hang streamers of flowers above your guests’ heads for a multi-dimensional garden feels at your ceremony or reception. The magic of a floral installation at your wedding will be unmatched.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are making a comeback on the wedding scene this year, too! Give your guests dried flowers or potpourri sachets to untie and toss as you run off to marital bliss, or include pressed flowers in your invitation’s design. 

Spray-Painted Greens and Blooms

This ultra-modern look will bring color and intrigue to your bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements. Spray paint the greenery of your floral designs in neon brights, frosted pastels, or metallics to instantly create a unique look for your wedding. Some brides are even dip-dying their floral petals to enhance their color and create an original look. 

With so many great new trends cropping up this year, 2020 is the time to think outside the box and opt for something beyond tradition. Which of these new ideas will you incorporate in your wedding design? If something appeals to you, talk to the wedding professionals at Griffin’s Weddings. We want to help you create the wedding day of your dreams and we can’t wait to help you design it!