Three Ways To Style Mini Bouquets

Once upon a time, bridal bouquets were sweet, delicate things. You can thank Queen Victoria for that, since she was the one who introduced a small clutch of flowers as a formal accessory (and also gave us the white wedding dress). We’ve had our fill of loose, free, enormous bouquets over the past few years, and nothing against them, but they aren’t exactly the easiest items to navigate down the aisle. In some cases, big bouquets seem to eclipse the bride, whereas a smaller one operates more like a stunning piece of jewelry. Call them nosegays, tussie mussies or just plain teensy, but a simple gathering of just a few blooms can still be a big deal. Here’s how.

1. Modern Color

A pop of bright color against the serene white background of your dress looks youthful, contemporary and fun. This look works for both casual and formal weddings. Contrast with folds of green leaves or foliage for an earthier look. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t have a bit of the free-form feel of the big, opulent bouquets.

2. Feature Flower

Okay so you love the statement flower vibe of the bigger bouquets but want that to come in a smaller scale. No problem. Choose one glorious flower (peony, rose, magnolia) and clutch just a few of them. You’ll still get the loose, natural appeal of the larger groupings without the burden of carrying them. Keep it all in the same color family for a modern effect.

3. High-End Blooms

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the last few years in the biggest bouquets is that they make use of top shelf blooms. There are few filler flowers or foliage; everything counts and everything is quality. Same goes for more diminutive bouquets. Take a hand-wrapped clutch of luxurious petals down the aisle for maximum impact. In this case, contrasting colors really bring out texture and the sense that each bloom is more special than the next.