Tips for Personalizing Your Wedding

Including personal touches in your wedding day sounds like a no-brainer, but once you start planning and making decisions, you’ll find that the standard-issue wedding ideas can be easier and often more accessible. Finding the balance between traditional wedding items and personalized accents can be a challenge. Here, the wedding professionals at Griffin’s Weddings offer some great ways to pepper personalized touches throughout an otherwise-traditional wedding to make it your own. 

Personalized Words

Wedding Program

Words can be so incredibly meaningful when presented at the right moment. Here are some great ways to include your favorite words and phrases throughout your wedding day.

  • Vows on runner: Choosing to write your own vows is a bold, creative way to say what you mean. Having those vows printed on your aisle runner for all to see, and for you to stand upon as you recite them, is downright poetic. You can also have your vows printed on the back of your programs or thank-you cards. 
  • Message on bottom of shoes: Before the big day, trade one wedding-day shoe with your partner and write a quick love note on the bottom. Not only does this make for adorable day-of pictures, but you’ll have all the feels when you read it as you’re preparing for the walk down the aisle.
  • Favorite quote on programs or cocktail napkins: If you and your intended share a favorite quote, verse, or song lyric, now is the time to dress it up and share with your nearest and dearest. Include your quote on cocktail napkins, display boards or the cover of your ceremony program.
  • Signage: Personalized signs are big right now and give everyone a sense of your overall theme. Choose a few words, your new last name, or a special sentiment (like, “love,” “blessed,” or “joy”) to display proudly in a place of prominence at your ceremony or reception.

Personalized Images

Family BW photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the images you display at your wedding will tell your story in a beautiful, creative way. Besides the often-used wall of bride and groom baby pictures, here are some other creative ways to include pictures as a personal touch at your wedding.

  • Family photo wall: A wall of black-and-white pictures that transcend generations for both families is a lovely talking point for guests and family members alike. 
  • Polaroids of friends: Delight friends and families with polaroid-like prints of you and your partner with your nearest and dearest. Showcase on a special wall or scatter on tabletops as part of the centerpiece.
  • Doodles of guests for seating: If you or your partner have an artistic flair, create cartoons or doodles of each guest to use as a place card. Include special accents to personalize even further (for example, your co-worker’s constant cup of coffee or your cousin on his boat). 

Personalized Florals

Dog with Flower Collar

Dog with Flower Collar

A long-time tradition that can have a very personal twist includes wedding flowers. While your bouquets, centerpieces and other decor will most likely include at least some flowers, there are other ways to bring flowers into focus- especially if you have certain varieties that carry great meaning for you.

  • Fave flowers in bouquet: Including your favorite flowers in your bridal bouquet is a no-brainer, but incorporating the flowers your mother or grandmother had in her wedding bouquet? Classically personal and a lovely tribute to your family’s past, present and future. 
  • Wearable flowers for guests: Give wearable flowers to guests as place cards. Include hairpins with bright petals, wrist or pinnable corsages and boutonnieres for a fresh, floral look all around. 
  • Wearable flowers for bride: Add a burst of color and a special variety of flowers to your own bridal gown or hairpiece to accentuate the importance of this flower in your lives. 

With so many ways to include special details in your wedding, it’s important to add some personalized details. Your guests will feel like they’ve experienced something uniquely you, while enjoying each other and the fresh, interesting celebration as well. For more ways to include personal touches on your big day, talk to the wedding experts at Griffin’s Weddings. We’ll be glad to offer ideas and help you develop the ideas you already have.