Unbelievable Floral Walls for Your Wedding

Flowers can quickly transform any space into a magical wonderland, with their astounding beauty and lingering fragrance. When you indulge in the beauty of flowers on your wedding day, you create a memorable and timeless space that you and your guests will love. Flower walls are a great way to add ambiance and style to your wedding. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect look for your special day! At Columbus Weddings, we’re loving the use of wedding flowers in unexpected ways. Here are some of our favorites and why:

Floral Backdrops

Sit on your thrones as husband and wife in front of a gorgeous floral backdrop. The photos of the two of you will include rich, colorful blooms that tie your wedding together and give you a stunning glow in each shot. You can also add a floral backdrop to the altar where you’ll recite your vows for gorgeous wedding photos from any angle. Use a portable installation for easy transport to the reception after the ceremony is finished.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers

Floral Walls

Include a floral wall for photo opportunities that allows guests and attendants to pose in a beautiful garden-scape. This can be installed anywhere, but we recommend as a segway between the wedding and reception, as an entrance into the magical celebration. If there isn’t a good wall for decorating, consider a hanging installation that creates a wall of its own. Photos of the bride and groom kissing among the hanging flowers will be among your favorites. 

Flower Wall

Flower Wall

Floral Kissing Balls

To include kissing balls in your ceremony or reception, your flower girl can carry one down the aisle in place of the traditional dropped petals, or bridesmaids might have one each with their bouquet. Kissing balls can also be hung throughout the ceremony or reception venue for a touch of fanciful decor. 

Kissing Ball - Ball of Pink Roses hanging

Kissing Ball

Floral Arches

A floral archway at the altar of your outdoor wedding is a stunning accent that can add rich texture and color to your entire day. Many photos will be taken of you and your partner as you recite vows beneath this lovely gateway, so make sure the design is the epitome of your style. 

Flower Arch

Flower Arch

Floral Wall Decor

Creating floral wall decor to any empty space in your wedding or reception venue will immediately transform the area from a drab open wall into a whimsical garden-esque paradise. Much like a mural or other work of art, your living floral wall will dazzle your guests and be a focal point for photo ops all day long. 

Large flower wall

Decorative Flower Wall

Investing in floral backdrops, walls and arches in your wedding can be a beautiful way to add style and color to your wedding in fresh, memorable ways. Your guests will be moved by the beauty of the setting and you and your partner will begin your life together surrounded by lovely floral artistry. If you’re considering a floral wall or backdrop for your wedding, talk to the professionals at Columbus Weddings. We’ll show you our favorite pieces and help you choose the best design for you.