10 Tips for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be planned for months and over all too soon, though the resulting memories and photos will last forever. A Valentine’s Day wedding can be one for the ages, especially if you choose to go off-script a bit and choose unique, personal touches that display your personality and style beautifully. Step outside of the red, white, and pink box to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding with these 10 tips from Columbus Weddings.

Plan Early! Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular wedding days, so venues and vendors will book early. Make sure you lock in your date and double-check in advance that your reservations are holding. This is true not just for the location, but also for your cake, flowers, catering and everything else you’ll need to make your day spectacular. 

Color Scheme We know- pink, red, and more pink and red. If you’d like to make this day your own, play with color a bit. For example, have an all black-and-white wedding, with specific red accents, like shoes or the ribbon on your cake. Or, use pink and red, but opt for shades like burgundy and blush that don’t quite conform to industry standards of bright red and bubble gum pink. 

Red Wedding Cake

Let them eat cake! This might be the most fun part of a Valentine’s Day wedding. Whether you choose petit fours, chocolate-covered strawberries, or a heart-shaped red velvet cake, nothing says Valentine’s Day like romantic sweets. 

Dancing… and all that jazz Of course, we love the notion of a couple’s first dance at their wedding… but what about everyone else? On the RSVP to attend, have a line for couples to name the song they danced to at their wedding. Then have your DJ play these songs throughout the wedding reception, honoring the individuals to whom this music will always be special. Red Floral Decor

Fantastic Flowers Always a Valentine’s Day favorite, roses are abundant, romantic and classic. But if you have a different favorite flower, or you want to be a little more original, consider tulips, lilies, or even peonies or dahlias as your wedding flower of choice. You can also opt for an off-shade of red, like deep maroon and crimson, pale pink, or a bright berry color. 

Shoes. Seriously, this is where your wedding really gets fun. Be sassy, be comfy, be a little exotic… but definitely let your personality shine with the shoes you choose. A red sole on a white pump, hot pink 80s-style high heels, or delicate pink ballet slippers are all options for your Valentine’s Day wedding.Red Shoes

Dress Up How you, your partner, and your wedding party dress will epitomize the day. Include bright red bridesmaids’ dresses that you know they’ll wear again, or let your groom and groomsmen wear tuxedos and tails with stylish tophats to truly mark the romantic occasion. Metallic accents are another great way to hint at Valentine’s Day colors without going overboard. 

Decor Romantic touches don’t have to be color-specific, so add a bit of lace, tulle, or even sequins and mirrors for the effect you’re going for and create a wonderland of romance and style.   Chairs with Red Ribbon

Lighting From candlelight to pink spotlights on the dance floor, the lighting you choose for your ceremony and reception will set the mood for your special day. Give your guests the romantic vibe a Valentine’s Day wedding calls for and enjoy the ambiance you create.

Extra Pizzazz Add a few whimsical touches of fun and festivity for Valentine’s Day when you include a kissing booth (instead of the traditional photo booth), a spot for guests to leave the happy couple special thoughts á la elementary-school Valentines, a candy bar, or a modern neon sign for photos. Red Boutuonnier

While Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for weddings and all things romantic, you can still make this day your own and enjoy a stylish, personalized wedding on such a special day. Bonus points for choosing an easy date to remember for future anniversaries! For more fun, stylish and unique ideas, talk to the wedding experts at Columbus Weddings. We’ll help you make your Valentine’s Wedding one to remember.