Wedding Accessory Tips – The Wedding Veil

To veil or not to veil… that is the question. Well, at least it may be one of the many questions you may be asking yourself when it comes to wedding accessories. The wedding planning experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs have seen a lot of brides, and would like to share some ideas that may help you choose your perfect look for your special day. 

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While there are many ways to accessorize your dress, one classic piece that deserves earnest consideration is the wedding veil. Brides for centuries have been donning these a veil on their wedding day, for a variety of reasons and reflecting a variety of traditions.  If you are thinking of including a veil in your ensemble, here are some thoughts:

Make It Match The color of your veil and the color of your dress should be the same. This is not the time for off-setting shades of white, ivory, champagne or diamond. Stay consistent between the veil and dress and leave the accenting for jewelry and flowers.

Stay True to Style One way to use your veil to accent, but not overwhelm, your dress is with embellishments. If your dress has a lot of beads, floral trim or other accoutrements, choose a veil with very little detail. If your dress is simple and elegant, your veil can include plenty of lace, embroidery, flowers or beading of your choice to stand out against the dress itself.

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Length Matters A floor-length, cathedral-style veil will elongate the wearer, making this a perfect choice for smaller or more petite brides. Meanwhile, shorter veils, say fingertip or elbow-length, are a better choice for taller frames because they will shorten your look, visually.

Put It Behind You Remember that you will be seen and photographed from all angles, not just the front. If the back of your dress has a must-see design or cut, make sure your veil is sheer enough to show it off.

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Crowning Glory If a veil isn’t your thing, or you simply can’t make one work with the dress you’ve chosen, no worries! Skip the veil altogether and opt instead for an elegant up-do, bejeweled hair combs, or a floral wreath of your wedding flowers to tie your look together.

Remember, this is your special day. At the end of it, your radiant and confident smile will be your best accessory. So above all, choose a look that makes you feel comfortable, like your most beautiful self, and let your happiness shine.

Trust the wedding experts Columbus brides have trusted for years. Let the team at Griffin’s Floral Designs help you create the perfect look for your wedding.