Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

When planning your big day, there are many wedding traditions, expectations and even superstitions which can influence your choices. But we can assure you, there are some outdated ideas that you can feel comfortable foregoing altogether – so planning your special day can be a completely positive experience.

These days, just about anything goes! While a nod to tradition is always classic, it’s becoming far more acceptable to include a few twists that show your personality. The same can be said for excluding or altering certain wedding day superstitions that have seen their day. Here are a few superstitions once believed to bring bad luck or evil omens to your marriage- and what you can do with them now.

wedding traditions

The Groom can’t see the Bride before the ceremony. This rule was once considered to bring bad luck – and a means of keeping the groom from changing his mind! It is now fast becoming a tradition to meet up before seeing anyone else.  Photographers will now capture the first moment the groom sees his bride, and “first look” shots are both intimate and memorable. Many then choose to take pictures with the entire wedding party before the ceremony starts, reducing wait time for guests between the ceremony and reception and letting everyone go straight to the party.

Dropping the ring is disastrous. Traditional folklore promoted the idea that if someone dropped the ring during the ceremony, that person would not live to see the second day of marriage. Obviously, this is only a superstition. However, no one wants to lose anything as precious as wedding rings. If you have children as ring bearers, or even a groomsman with a rented tuxedo (which means there could very well be holes in the pockets), play it safe. Keep the rings secure in their box, tied well to the ring bearer’s pillow, or even consider using fake rings for the ceremony (to be switched for the real thing later).

wedding traditions

Yellow Roses should be avoided. We have the Victorians to thank for this one. As they were assigning meaning to flowers back in the Victorian era, yellow roses got a bad rap. While white stood for purity and red for passion, yellow roses symbolized jealousy! However, they also symbolize friendship. So, if you’re marrying your best friend and yellow roses, daisies or tulips best match your wedding colors, go for it. Let everyone else be jealous while you simply enjoy your day.

Fortunately, most traditions and superstitions have been questioned and even ignored somewhere along the line by now. Choose to make your Columbus wedding your own! Include customs that are meaningful to you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your families. The experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs are eager to show you how to turn outdated ideas into fresh new traditions. Let us help you make your day unforgettable.