Wedding Etiquette Tips for the Modern Couple

Weddings today look a little different than they did in past decades or even in the last few years. With modern couples doing away with traditions like a garter toss, tweaking others like their bridesmaids and groomsmen, creating their own special moments such as “first looks” and private first dances, and hosting “micro-weddings,” almost anything goes. When it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams and doing things your way, there are still some proper etiquette rules and guidelines to follow, especially in today’s world and navigating current events. To make things simpler, ease some stress, and offer guidance, the wedding professionals here at Griffin’s Floral Design are sharing some dos and don’ts of modern wedding etiquette.

Engaged couple showing ring

Sharing the Big News

While many couples cannot wait to share their big news with everyone on social media, be sure to pause and soak in this incredible moment with your close family and dearest friends first. Your grandmother will certainly appreciate hearing the news from you rather than finding out from a social media post or hearing it from a cousin who saw your social media post. Maybe you want to wait a few weeks and send out official engagement announcement cards, too.

Handwritten guest list with purple and white flowers

The Shorter the Guest List, The Better

Inviting everybody you have ever known from grade school through your first job to everyone on your family tree is not necessary. Especially with today’s current events, large crowds can be overwhelming and even deter the people you love most from attending this important day. Instead, keep your guest list small, and don’t feel bad about excluding those you no longer have a close relationship with.

Guests huggin bride and groom at wedding

You’re Invited!

Pre-wedding events, like your engagement celebration, bridal shower, and bachelor/bachelorette party are typically smaller and more intimate than your wedding ceremony and reception. Therefore, those who are invited to these events should also be first on your wedding guest list. It is only fair that those who are celebrating with you and showering you with gifts leading up to the big day are included. 

Bride opening wedding gift

A Gift Registry is For Your Wedding Website

After spending time with your fiancé choosing specific items for your wedding registry, it may seem like a good idea to include it in your wedding invitations. However, doing so will imply that guests are required to bring a gift to your wedding and may give them a sour taste in their mouth. It is better etiquette to include a link to your wedding website in your invitations. Here, guests can find further details about your wedding as well as your wedding registry if they feel so inclined.

White wedding signs with flower accents

Set Clear Expectations

There is nothing worse than having to deal with drama during your wedding day, guests who were not aware of your wishes, or individuals who had their own expectations. Today, some guests are choosing to provide masks, hand sanitizers, and socially distant seating while others are choosing to hold their entire event outside, and some are asking guests to obtain a negative COVID test prior to attending their wedding if they are not vaccinated. While any approach is your personal choice, it is in everyone’s best interest to include this type of information on your wedding website and ensure all guests are “in the know.”

Video camera at wedding ceremony

Virtual Ceremonies Are All the Rage

Since there may be loved ones who are unable to attend your wedding due to travel challenges, unease, preexisting health conditions, and more, offering a way for them to share in the bliss of your wedding can be done virtually. Setting up a live stream for guests to attend your ceremony virtually can help ease some regret and sadness. However, this doesn’t mean that anyone on the internet or your social media friend’s list is invited to your wedding. Create a special link on your wedding website or work with your videographer to come up with a secure way to execute a virtual ceremony.

Fancy pink and blue wedding invitations

The Best of Both Snail Mail and Technology

Wedding websites, e-mail, and modern technology serve a great purpose in modern wedding planning and ensuring guests have ample information and details leading up to your day. But when it comes to things like “save the dates,” postponement cards, the official wedding invitation, and hand-written “thank you” notes, classic paper mail is proper etiquette and will never go out of style. Snail mail also opens the door to stunning stationery, another way to use your gorgeous engagement photos, and additional tokens and souvenirs of your wedding.

Although it is important to carry out proper wedding etiquette that does not mean you need to partake in classic wedding traditions. Instead, honor and respect your guests and loved ones by following the guidelines mentioned above as you plan a truly unique and personalized wedding. As you plan and cross off items on your checklist, do not hesitate to reach out to your friends here at Griffin’s Floral Design for creative ideas and support.