Head table or Sweetheart Table, Which One is Best for Your Wedding?

As you plan the details of your wedding reception and begin mapping out the floor plan and your seating chart, one very important question you will be asked is if you would like to sit at a head table with your loving bridal party or at a romantic sweetheart table set just for two. Weighing these options can become stressful as there are many benefits to both. So, to help you determine which choice is best for your wedding reception, the experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design are sharing the nitty-gritty details of both as well as offering a third or fourth option for you to consider.

Head table with blue linens

Head Table

Traditional wedding receptions will most likely incorporate a head table where the bridal party and newlyweds will sit and dine like royalty. This long table makes a statement and allows the bridal party to be honored and recognized alongside the celebrated couple. Some head tables also include the dates of those in the bridal party to ensure everyone gets a chance to sit together and mingle. However, some head tables can get crowded, especially if there is a large bridal party or luxurious floral decor lining the front of the table.

Sweetheart table with red and white roses and greenery

Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart tables can make your wedding reception feel like the most special date night you have ever shared with your love. As this table is set for only you and your new bride or groom, your bridal party will find themselves dining with each other at designated bridal party tables, along with their dates, or mingling about other guest tables with their friends and family members. This way, everyone has a comfortable seat and can have a relaxing and fun dinner.

Large floral arrangement with lilies on wedding table

King’s Table

A fresh, modern, and brilliant alternative to a head table or sweetheart table is building a king’s table. This is often a very large square or round table positioned in the center of the wedding reception. As the newlyweds are seated in the middle, joining them might be their bridal party and their dates, and new in-laws, including parents, siblings, grandparents, or other close family members. This allows everyone to dine together with enough elbow room and celebrate the merging of two families.

Cocktail table with gold chargers

Another Alternative

If you are hosting a micro wedding or intimate ceremony and are having a stressful time coming up with the perfect seating arrangements, it might be time to consider a freestyle wedding reception. While traditionally, wedding guests find their name and assigned table number, freestyle weddings allow guests to simply pick their own table, barstool, or even lounge. If this is a path you and your fiancé want to explore, we also recommend having a buffet-style dinner and/or cocktail servers walk around with appetizers, tapas, and small bites to avoid chaos.

Deciding between a grand head table and a romantic sweetheart table might leave you feeling unsure if you have made the right choice. As you go back and forth between these options while trying to accommodate the needs of your family and friends, it can be nearly impossible to make up your mind. That’s why your friends and wedding experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design are gently reminding you that this is your wedding day, and you can opt for whatever style of wedding reception fits your desires.