How to Perfect Your Grand Wedding Entrance

As you are introduced for the first time as newlyweds and walk hand-in-hand into your wedding reception, all eyes will be on you and your new husband, wife, or partner. Since this is the first time you are making an appearance as a married couple, surely you want this moment to be extra special. Whether you are looking to surprise your guests with a grand entrance that they will remember for a long time, or you simply want it to be sweet, romantic, and memorable for you and your love, the professionals here at Griffin’s Floral Design have a few tricks up our sleeves and things to think about while planning your big entrance.

Bride and groom surrounded by excited bridal party

Bridal Party Entrances

Before you make your way into your wedding reception, your bridal party will most likely need to make their entrances first. How do you want them to warm up the crowd for you? Some couples allow their bridal party to select their own entrance music and unique dance moves or charade to walk in to. Others prefer to keep everything uniform with one upbeat tune and not too many crazy moves. However these details are solidified, be sure that they set the perfect tone for your grand entrance.

Wedding DJ setup

Music Choice

The music selection for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning. From the ceremony soundtrack commemorating your love to setting the tone for cocktail hour, and we cannot forget about your heartwarming first dance and special dances with parents or other loved ones, music selection is a very important detail. The music that plays as you enter your wedding reception is also an important decision. Are you looking for the most upbeat and joyful songs, something trending on the radio, or one that represents your relationship? If you are not sure where to begin, start making notes of songs you hear throughout the day that make you want to get up and dance or remind you of your partner.

Bride and groom dancing under confetti

To Choreograph or Not to Choreograph?

Grab your dancing shoes because this grand entrance is about to be trending all over social media. This is your chance to do something fun and maybe even a little wild before your more serious first dance. Have you been practicing the lift from “Dirty Dancing” and can’t wait to show it off? Or maybe, you have an entire jazz or hip-hop routine choreographed that simply cannot be saved for after dinner. Whatever the case may be, strut your stuff and enjoy your big moment.

Bride and groom holding up hands under confetti

Adding Personal Flair

Have fun planning your truly grand entrance and add your own personal flair to really make it your own. Let this moment stand out by incorporating props from your favorite movie to watch together, performing a funny charade that mirrors your personalities, or hinting at your favorite hobby. Especially if your wedding is outside, you can also surprise your guests by riding into your reception on a decorated bike, tricycle, or carriage, like Cinderella.

Bride and groom with daighter.

Including the Family

If your kids or fur babies were included in your wedding, then it might be nice to also include them in your grand entrance. Carrying small children on your shoulders in celebration of your new official family will surely make them feel loved and excited about their parents’ nuptials. Furry friends are always a sure way to liven up the party and grab the attention of your guests. Decorate their leash or harness so they can “arrive in style,” too.

Planning every part of your wedding, down to the details, should be an exciting journey. These details and little moments of your day will allow you to express your personality and tell your own beautiful love story of you and your partner. Entering your wedding reception is no doubt another way to incorporate bits of your relationship, things you enjoy together, and items that remind you of one another. To help you recreate the warm and fuzzy feelings you felt when you first fell in love, consult the experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design for more ideas and assistance.