Tent Décor Essentials for Any Wedding or Event

Finding the perfect venue for a wedding or event can be challenging, which is why more and more people are opting for a tent either in their backyard or at their favorite outdoor space. Tent weddings and events come with a lot of potential and room to create a truly unique, personalized, and beautiful setting for your celebration. With no previously existing style or architecture to incorporate into your décor, you have the freedom to make it into your own. But where do you start? Your friends and experts here at Griffin’s Floral Design are sharing a few tips and decorating essentials that will help create a marvelous and memorable tent design.

Wedding in a tent with purple lighting


Lighting has always been a way to control the atmosphere, mood, look, and feel of any event. Depending on the colors and placement of lighting in a room or in a tent, you can transport your guests to another time or place. For instance, a room lit in deep blue light can have an entirely different tone than a room lit in rose gold or blush. Which one would you choose?

Cafe lights and chandeliers inside tent at wedding reception

Café Bulbs & String Lights

Especially if your wedding or event continues through the evening after the sun sets, it is important to have café bulbs, string lights, or chandeliers to illuminate the tent and keep guests dancing all night long. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but café bulbs have become some of the most popular décor items for events. They bring a beautiful romantic tone and can make you feel like you are dancing through the streets of Paris.

Tall flower centerpieces in a tent

Grand Floral Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the focal point to any wedding or event décor. So, as you host your big day under a tent, make them grand to ensure they fill up all the white space, add the appropriate pop of color, and bring a new freshness to a classic tent. Be sure to mix up your table centerpieces with low and tall floral arrangements to create various levels that allow your guests’ eyes to be met with alluring beauty in all directions.

Hanging flower arrangements in gold modern geometric holders

Floral Accents

Floral accents help to dress up the otherwise “dead space” within your tent since there is no architecture or additional décor to enhance the space. Small flower arrangements are perfect for dressing up specialty tables, such as cake tables, memory tables, and even your bar or drink station. Another suggestion is to dress up your head table or sweetheart table with hanging floral or extra arrangements.

Purple drape inside wedding tent


Drape has a whimsical way of softening the harshness of your tent. Hang drape in a pattern on the ceiling and allow it to billow down for a dreamy effect. This fabric can make it easy to cover any metal or supporting poles while bringing a classic and stunning elegant look to the event.

While planning your big celebration and transforming your tent into a whimsical, rustic, chic, classic, or an elegant affair, be sure to incorporate different elements and textures that work seamlessly together. White drape and café bulbs are a timeless and versatile foundation that anyone can enjoy. Make it your own by selecting your favorite blooms, brilliant floral centerpieces, and flower accents from Griffin’s Floral Designs to bring life, color, and a sense of freshness to your tent.