Your Guide to a Spooky Yet Elegant Halloween Wedding

Creative, spooky, romantic, vintage, and a little supernatural, Halloween weddings give brides, grooms, and wedding planners a unique opportunity to think outside the box and incorporate things that other weddings and events might not. While there are many avenues to take when planning a Halloween wedding, a popular and trendy theme for “spooky season” is gothic weddings. A gothic wedding theme pulls inspiration from the Romantic Gothic (1800 – 1850) and the Victorian Gothic (1837 – 1901) eras; think The Addams Family, Frankenstein, misunderstood ghosts, and thirsty vampires. With mystery, passion, suspense, and eerie beauty, a gothic wedding theme might be the perfect solution when deciding between an elegant and spooky Halloween wedding. Here at Griffin’s Floral Design, our expert designers are sharing their checklist for creating the ultimate gothic Halloween wedding so you can be sure you have everything you need – even some garlic to ward off vampires. 

A Gothic Halloween Wedding Checklist 

Couple kisses in the front of old Gothic window and behid the metallic gratting

A Mysterious Venue

An interesting and wonderful thing about gothic and Halloween weddings is that you are not limited to one type of venue. A goth wedding can take place in a myriad of locations, from historic churches and cathedrals to empty warehouses. Lush or overgrown gardens create a fantastic outdoor venue while a vintage Victorian ballroom transports you back in time. However, if you can reserve an old castle on top of a hill, you have indeed hit the jackpot. 

Wedding bouquet of black dried flowers. Wedding decor.

Dark & Moody Blooms 

What’s a wedding without fresh flowers?! Even Halloween weddings require beautiful, fragrant blooms, although dried flowers will have a chilling and dramatic effect on your decor. For a goth wedding theme, you might be inspired by dark and moody arrangements that incorporate blue thistle, red chrysanthemums, dark-hued succulents, and deep purple calla lilies – which can mimic black calla lilies since flowers are never truly black in color. Other appropriate flowers that create contrast in Halloween wedding bouquets are anemones, protea, amaranthus, orange roses, burgundy hydrangeas, and seeded eucalyptus. Finally, we cannot forget the deep, rich, passionate red rose; whether you prefer them fresh or dried when making a Halloween wedding bouquet, that is up to you. 

Wedding rings on skulls on Halloween

Elegant Gothic Decor 

Finding gothic wedding decor that speaks to your soul can be an easy yet challenging task on your to-do list. There are endless options and means to acquiring such spooky and once elegant items, for instance, black candles, candelabras, velvet lounge sets, romantic yet eerie poetry displayed in ornate frames, and black and white family photos. Halloween decor like skulls, skeleton keys, cauldrons, potion vials and bottles, witchy crystals, and rows and rows of candlelight are details that will bring the look, theme, and feel to life…or death?

Festive table decor. Red colors with golden cutlery and candles. Wedding, party, birthday. Autumn table setting. Fork and knife, napkin, pumpkin. Halloween or Thanksgiving day background

A Twist on Fall Foliage & Pumpkins

Fall weddings are often graced with the presence of fall foliage and pumpkins that can be creatively added to any decor style or theme, even goth. Put a spooky twist on classic autumn decor like leaves and pumpkins by painting them gold, silver, black, or white. Or, stick with their true, natural beauty and tuck them throughout your wedding ceremony and reception for a hint of “autumn spice.” 

Portrait of an elegant girl in a chic necklace and hat in a gothic interior.

An Unexpected Bridal Gown 

Bring on the drama with a showstopping bridal outfit! Bridal gowns for Halloween weddings can be anything and often stray away from the traditional look, even swapping the white gown for a black one. Wedding dresses with full skirts, like a ball gown or A-line, embody the Victorian Gothic Era, especially if the gown is adorned in lace detail. Long, billowy sleeves and a sheath or mermaid silhouette will pay homage to the Romantic Gothic Era. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement pieces like gloves, a dramatic veil, and knock-out shoes, or even black combat boots to enhance your spooky wedding dress. 

Gold wedding rings on a groom tuxedo and a red tie with a silver decoration and a black stone

Sleek and Edgy Tuxedos 

Wedding tuxedos have certainly evolved from the sleek, plain black with coattails from back in the day. However, this “old school” look might be perfect for your goth wedding, especially with edgy accessories like skull cufflinks, studs, and fantastic shoes. If plain black isn’t your style, do a 180 and seek out something novel like velvet, satin, pinstripes, or a textured white suit. Pair your tuxedo with a top hat and a cane to tie it together and drive home the gothic vibe. 

Groomsmen and bridesmaids running in blackcurrant field on a wedding day.

Creative Bridal Party Attire 

When it comes to Halloween weddings, there are truly no rules. You can even dress up your bridal party like vampires or skeletons. Have you heard of the zombie bride? How about the zombie bridal party? If Halloween costumes don’t strike your fancy, you can get creative with colors, prints, and accessories, like leather jackets or boots. Whether your bridal party matches in uniform dresses and suits, or follows a color scheme, stick to autumn hues like burnt orange, burgundy, maroon, blush, light pink, or forest green. 

Friends in Halloween Costumes Drinking Cocktails. Group of Young Happy People Wearing Costumes at Halloween Party Drinking Cocktails and having Fun in Nightclub. Celebration of Halloween

Should Guests Wear Costumes?

If your big day lands on or around October 31, it can be a great idea to specify on your invitations if guest attire for your Halloween wedding should follow traditional guidelines or gravitate towards costumes. Some couples ask guests to wear formal Halloween costumes or costumes specific to the Romantic Gothic or Victorian Gothic eras in order to keep with their wedding theme. You can also host a glamorous “mascarade” to encourage creativity in addition to elaborate and stylish attire.  

Til’ death do you part.

Til Death Do Us Part - Gothic Halloween Wedding Checklist