How to Enhance Any Corporate Event with Plants & Flowers

Most special events include stylish, beautiful fresh plants and flowers as part of the decor. They decorate areas such as stages, podiums, tables, walkways, corners, walls, and entryways. While you may think they are just part of the overall design, you probably don’t realize just how important the role fresh plants and flowers play in enhancing the event itself. Think about the last corporate or special event you attended and picture the plants and flowers. Now, think about how it would look (and feel) if all the plants and flowers were gone. It’s an entirely different vibe, isn’t it?

Besides being pretty, plants and flowers have the power to create a particular ambiance like nothing else can. No matter how technologically fancy schmancy corporate events become, fresh plants and flowers will still be necessary to impact us on a human, emotional level. It’s in our nature (no pun intended!). Flowers and plants have played a crucial role in human culture since the dawn of humankind. We use them to celebrate all sorts of life’s events, from big to small, and we appreciate their beauty, their fragrance, and the health benefits they bestow upon us.

Bouquet, flowers in the vase on the table in the lobby of the big luxury hotel in Vancouver, Canada.

Flowers are remarkable because their look, scent, color, form, and shape can generate a specific feeling or emotion such as joy, sadness, love, desire, and happiness. Plants are remarkable in their own way, too, as not only do they beautifully decorate any space, but live plants promote positive thinking, creativity, air quality, and noise reduction. Flower and plant decor is just as important as the chosen venue, lighting, food, and music. Therefore, it should be carefully thought out as an essential element that makes up a successful corporate event. 

The right mix of flowers and plants can help define the purpose of a corporate event, the mood, and the outcome. This may seem like a tall order for a few simple plants and petals, but their impact should not be underestimated. At Griffin’s Floral Designs, we specialize in creating beautiful floral displays for corporate and special events. Below we list some of the important roles plants and flowers play in corporate events. 

Office Reception Area arranged with plants and chairs

How Plants & Floral Arrangements Make Your Corporate Event Shine!

Make the Space More Inviting

The warmth of brightly-colored blooms is very inviting, as is bringing the outside in with several lush and thriving green plants. Plants and flowers are known to reduce stress and anxiety and promote good feelings while evoking calm and relaxation. An ambiance such as this gets people talking and feeling good about themselves and others. 

Beautiful floral decor in a luxury hotel lobby.

Impresses Attendees

Decorating your event with lush greenery and beautiful flowers puts your best foot forward and lets attendees know your corporation is top-shelf and sophisticated. Taking the time and putting in the effort to make the space attractive and welcoming is sure to impress clients and attendees while also boosting the morale of the employees. 

Microphone on stand podium decoration with colorful flower.

Draws Attention to Specific Areas

A gorgeous, showy floral arrangement strategically set on a table attracts attention. So use it to your advantage by placing spectacular floral pieces where you want attendees to visit, such as a donation table, product showcase table, or information collection area. Using floral arrangements and plants in such a manner can help guide attendees throughout the event space in an attractive and appealing manner. Placing lovely plants and flowers on or near podiums is also a great way to draw attention to speakers. 

Bunch of Meadow cranes-bill in a vase as decoration for a wedding celebration or ceremony. A beautiful bouquet of purple flowers as decor at an event venue. Decorative plants in a building

Makes for Great Photos

Lush greenery from beautiful tall plants and lavish floral displays are excellent backdrops for photos. Make this first impression last forever by including pictures from the event in brochures, your website, or marketing materials. 

The Type of Event Determines the Type of Arrangements

The occasion itself will largely determine the kinds of flowers and plants you pick; there are blooms perfect for every occasion, whether a small corporate event to a large conference, product launch, sales summit, or charity event. Use them to decorate the space, enhance the decor, or boost brand awareness by including logo colors in the floral design. Laid back, more informal events are fine with laid-back floral arrangements, while high-end events or lavish product launches should have large, extravagant, and luxurious arrangements to set the tone that this is a high-dollar affair. 

Waiting room in the bank

Best Types of Flowers for a Corporate Event

Hardy, long-lasting blooms available year-round are commonly used for corporate events, such as roses, alstroemeria, carnations, orchids, and stock. While great choices, some flowers suit certain occasions better than others, especially when the meanings behind flowers are considered. For example, lilies are lovely and long-lasting but are typically used for a funeral, so they would not be a great choice for a corporate event. 

Finished flower arrangement on japanese eco holder kenzan in vase for home. Seasonal spring flowers bunch, set for interior. Blue and yellow flowers as a national flag of Ukraine. Stop war.

Delphiniums – Blue and lavender-colored delphiniums are perfect for bringing a gorgeous pop of color along with full, textured blooms with a vertical appeal. They symbolize openness to new experiences, positivity, goodwill, and cheerfulness. Pretty perfect for fundraisers and charity events. 

Romantic Wedding Table Top Layout Decor with large lush floral bouquets including white roses, ranunculus, persian buttercups, white orchids and candles

Orchids – Available in a range of colors and scents, orchids are graceful, exotic, and mysterious. They symbolize luxury, beauty, and strength and are a terrific choice for product launches and high-end corporate events. 

flowers on office desk

Tulips – Large, colorful, and showy, tulips have a unique presence, making them an excellent choice for any business event. Each color has its own symbolism, with orange tulips representing energy and friendship, yellow tulips representing cheerfulness and sunshine, and purple tulips symbolizing royalty and perfection. 

Purple flower at hotel lobby

Roses – Typically associated with weddings and love, roses also symbolize new beginnings, hope, friendship, and positivity. Suitable for almost any type of event, roses come in a rainbow of colors to fit any color scheme or mood. 

Jonquils, Narcissus, Daffodil Yellow and Orange Spring Flowers Bouquet in a Vase on a Table in a Room

Daffodils – Refreshingly bright and happy, yellow and white daffodils boost moods, promote happiness, and symbolize new beginnings. This makes daffodils perfect for product launches, new partnerships, or announcing a new phase in the company’s future. 

Flower Color

There’s a lot to think about regarding the floral color scheme and the associated color symbolism of fresh blooms. You can go deep or keep it light. Most importantly, just remember brightly-colored flowers evoke happiness and positive vibes, which is what you’ll want from attendees. Plus, bright flowers perk up any space and look fantastic on camera. 

Best Types of Plants for a Corporate Event

Ficus Benjamina tree or weeping fig in brown pot

Weeping Fig – Don’t let the name bring you down, this beautiful plant will fill you with joy. A beautiful standing floor plant, Weeping Figs are perfect for gracefully accenting entryways, walkways, and table sides. They are also great at brightening dark corners and bringing joy to any space. 

Indoor plants in flower pots stand on a shelf between wooden columns. Home decoration with fresh flowers

Peace Lily – A hardy plant with gorgeous, large dark green leaves that sprout beautiful white flowers, Peace Lily plants are great for accenting tables, podiums, or hallways. They are also pretty enough to be the main attraction as a table centerpiece. 

Rest area at the front desk of the modern office, comfortable sofas and green plants

Foxtail Palm – If you have a tall space that needs filling, the Foxtail Palm is a great choice. Not only perfect for lining entryways, but these plants can frame a staging area, add height and dimension to your space, and bring a luxurious, tropical feel to your event. 

horizontal image of a bright living room with a large tropical houseplant, giant white bird of paradise, strelitzia nicolai, copy space

White Bird of Paradise – For lux and drama, bring in a few White Bird of Paradise plants. Their gorgeous large leaves and lushness scream luxury and sophistication – something everyone wants at their event. 

Thus, when planning your next corporate event, don’t overlook the importance of having the right plants and flowers to create the ambiance, mood, tone, and setting you are going for. Make sure you contact your florist 3-4 weeks prior to your event to ensure they have plenty of time to order and arrange everything.* An integral part of any special occasion, turn to the specialists at Griffin’s Floral Designs to find the perfect blooms and greenery to make your event dreams come true. 

*Corporate accounts are available if you connect with a florist one-on-one! Make ordering easy for your event or HR team by creating a corporate account today.

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