Illuminate Your Evening With These Creative Wedding & Event Lights

Big events and weddings can become brilliant experiences where decor, flowers, and unique lighting join forces to create new energy and a vibrant tone to tell a story. From love stories and celebratory tales to inspiring journeys, events and weddings often stir up profound emotions in guests. While lighting is an important piece of decor, especially for evening events, it is also a crucial element to live storytelling. Similar to stage productions, storytellers and event designers rely on lights and colors to set the scene to portray a particular mood. Here at Griffin’s Floral Design, our designers and event experts are sharing trending, popular, and unique lighting for weddings and events. 

11 Ways to Add Light Into Your Wedding & Event Decor 

light bulbs garland. cafe exterior decor. closeup rows of lamps

String Lights and Cafe Bulbs 

Wedding string lights and cafe bulbs are among the most popular rustic light ideas. This chic outdoor and indoor lighting has become a treasure for all sorts of events as it adds a warm, charming, versatile, and romantic glow from above.

Mr & mrs name bord on a wedding table

Fairy Lights and Twinkle Lights

There are few types of lighting that can match the magic and whimsy of twinkle lights and fairy lights for weddings. Whether they are hung from above, fall gracefully to create a glistening wall, or are wrapped around trees, their elegant shimmer adds an exquisite element to any event. 

beautiful hydrangea bouquets in vases and shiny silver candelabras with candles on tables at luxury wedding reception in restaurant. stylish decor and adorning

Candelabra Centerpieces 

There is no other way to properly say “Be Our Guest” than with ornate candelabras complete with flickering candles that will dance the night away. Whether gold, silver, black, or something creative to elevate your decor, there will always be a place in weddings and events for candelabras. 

No one is too old for fairytales - neon sign on a wall at an outdoor wedding party. Love concept

Neon Signs

Personalize your wedding or event with a modern and trendy neon sign that reads “forever & always,” “love,” your names, or something out-of-the-box. Choose to hang it above your sweetheart table, near a cozy lounge, a cute photo area, or over the dessert table.

Wedding decor, candles in glass flasks in the forest.

Floating Candles 

Outdoor weddings of all sorts are certainly in need of lighting after sunset. For dreamy, elegant, fairytale, and chic weddings, floating candles or LED lights inside decorative glass votives that can hang from tree branches or tent poles are simply mesmerizing.

Lighted paper lanterns inside of building, decoration

LED Orbs or LED Balloons 

Decorating your wedding or event venue from top to bottom can include LED balloons on the floor or LED orbs on the ceiling. Adorn your special occasion with luxury, glamour, drama, and warm golden hues illuminating from unique and fun decor.

Black candles on candlesticks with flowers in vases on reception table. Wedding. Decor

Taper Candles

Filling your guest tables with taper candles is another way to add regality, style, and class to your event. Just imagine entering your venue and being met with natural living light lighting up the room as the flames flicker and dance the night away.

Image of a beautifully decorated wedding venue. Indoor

Spotlights and Uplighting 

From illuminating a special focal point to adding vibrancy and color to the venue, spotlights and wedding uplighting is a stunning and spectacular way to light up the night. Spotlights and uplights are also a quick and easy way to switch the tone from a sophisticated and elegant dinner to a fun and joyful evening on the dance floor. 

wedding couple in magical night forest decorated light garlands

Lighted Trees 

Lighted trees for weddings, whether an indoor soiree or an outdoor celebration, capture the amazing beauty of Mother Nature. Strategically place faux-lighted trees around your venue and on guest tables to bring the outside in. Or, wrap trees with lights and let them shine and gleam with raw, natural allure.

Night wedding ceremony decoration with candles and flowers on background

Pillar Candles in Tall Glass Vases 

A collection of pillar candles in glass vases that vary in height creates a magnificent glow on every level. Use these candles and flickers of living light to illuminate the aisle to the alter, adorn a grand staircase, enhance a pathway, or provide captivating gleams and tiny flames of brightness to guest tables or your sweetheart table. 

Disco Ball spinning under the shiny lights, beautiful lights for dancing and wedding party

A Disco Ball Above the Dance Floor 

Since weddings are celebrations of merriment and joy as two families join together, a disco ball glistening above the dance floor is a sensational way to commemorate love, laughter, and happily ever after. 

With so many ways to illuminate your event or wedding with joyful, fun, whimsical, creative, and unique lighting, it can be overwhelming to decide on what might look best for your event. Whether you are deciding on decor elements, trying to imagine how all of the pieces will fit together, or starting your wedding design process from scratch, the professionals here at Griffin’s Floral Design are ready to guide you towards brilliance.

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