Charming Centerpieces That Reflect Your Personal Style

Bring your engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, or other big celebration to life with the perfect guest tables and centerpieces. As your favorite floral arrangements will certainly create a beautiful look and feel for your event, incorporate your personal style and individuality with creative, unique, and eclectic centerpieces. Here at Columbus Wedding Flowers, we are sharing brilliant out-of-the-box centerpiece ideas to spark inspiration for your own special event and celebration.

white vintage decorative birdcage filled with white and pastel colored roses and spring flowers


If your wedding or special event is being celebrated in the springtime, incorporate the season into your centerpiece with bird cages. Loading antique cages with lush and full spring flowers are sure to give guests a breath of fresh air. From elegant, chic, rustic, or vintage-styled celebrations, a lovely birdcage paired with colorful blooms will be perfect.

Pink roses in rustic watering can

Watering Cans

A creative and popular way to spice up a bridal or baby shower and add a hint of playfulness in a tasteful way is to utilize watering cans as vases for your floral arrangements. While the engaged couple or parents-to-be are showered with love, these centerpieces will be a fun play into the theme as watering cans also help you shower your favorite plants and flowers with love.

Pink high heel with big pink flowers inside

High Heels

A different and fun way to incorporate your personality and individual style into any shower, party, or event is to find a single item that resonates with the person or thing you are celebrating. For example, high heels have been used in centerpieces for sweet 16s, bridal showers, and other festivities for fashionistas. Shoes can easily hold a wonderful floral arrangement or simply be an element incorporated into the centerpiece design. Think baby booties for baby showers, combat boots for a Veteran’s Day event, or dance shoes for a post-dance recital celebration.

Pink and red flowers inside an antique suitcase


World travelers will love celebrating a special occasion with stackable and hollow suitcases the represent their personal interest in seeing the world. Couples who like to travel together or share past adventures and trips are sure to enjoy a travel-themed engagement party complete with the perfect decor to represent the places they have visited together. Create a unique vintage or antique look and feel with greenery, white ranunculus, and pink roses or a bold pop of color with bright, multicolored blooms.

Pink flowers nestled under a glass dome on a long dinner table with candles


Sometimes inspiration for floral bouquets and arrangements can come from our favorite childhood stories or fairytales, such as Beauty and the Beast. A full bouquet or single bloom nestled gently under a glass dome or cloche is an elegant, fairytale-like centerpiece that proves to be perfect for any wedding, shower, birthday, graduation, or even corporate celebration. Enclosed arrangements can transport guests to a whimsical garden.

Inspiration, creativity, and new ideas can come from more than magazines, pictures, and events you have attended in the past. Find what sparks excitement, brings back memories, or relates to your hobbies, interests, or the specific thing you are celebrating. Your friends here at Columbus Wedding Flowers look forward to working with you to bring these new dreams to life in beautiful and brilliant ways.