How to Incorporate Succulents into Your Wedding Decor

Succulents have been gaining in popularity over the past few years and due to their high heat tolerance, sturdiness, and long-lasting quality, they have become quite popular in wedding decor. You don’t have to get married in the middle of the summer to enjoy the beauty and charm of succulents in your wedding, though. These tiny, unique-looking plants come in a wide range of shapes and colors and look great in centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more. They stand up well to the heat and stay fresh-looking a lot longer than flowers as they don’t need much water. For fresh ideas on how to incorporate sweet succulents into your wedding, read the tips and ideas from the wedding experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs.

Wedding Bouquets

Including a succulent into the bridal bouquet adds texture, originality, and a bit of intrigue, too. Just one succulent, or several, adds contrast and creativity to your bouquet making it really stand out. Some brides choose bouquets of all succulents with no other blooms, just greenery. Another popular idea is to have one oversized succulent in the bridal bouquet surrounded by beautiful blooms and greenery. Due to the mostly muted shades of succulents, they are easily incorporated into any theme, look, or style. 

Wedding Decor

There are lots of places to put succulents in your wedding decor. For example, place a few among blooms that are decorating a wedding arch or hang clear vases of succulents from tree branches or posts to add a nice personal touch. You can also create interesting wedding centerpieces out of succulents or use them as colorful table runners. Tie a few succulents to the tops of chairs for decoration or use as place settings for a charming look. Their range of colors from pale green to deep purple is broad enough to match any design style or wedding theme.

Succulent Wall

Flowers walls are a popular and trendy wedding idea. Using long-lasting succulents instead of flowers will make a great photo backdrop and colorful accent piece. 

Wedding Cake

Not your typical flower for cake decoration, a few colorful and well-placed succulents on your wedding cake will make it look sleek and sophisticated or natural and elegant. Since succulents go with anything, they will look great on their own or combined with other florals.    

Wedding Favors

Sending a little potted succulent home with your guests is a charming gift idea. These are heart plants that love dry climates and are perfect with anybody who doesn’t have a green thumb. Include a small card with care instructions so your guests can keep their own little succulents thriving for years to come. 

Incorporating succulents into your wedding is a great way to give it a fresh, modern feel and present a unique and creative event one is sure to remember. Succulents not only stand up well to the heat and last longer than flowers, but they make great parting gifts as well. Sending a succulent home with everyone is a long-lasting and joyful way to remember your lovely wedding.