Design Tips for a Merry & Bright Holiday Open House

Planning a winter open house is a big deal for any business. Whether it’s an annual sale, a holiday tour, or a special weekend event, flowers are your secret weapon for success. Fresh winter blooms and natural greenery brighten up a room, set the perfect mood, and make everything look and feel festive and welcoming. Just like you wouldn’t overlook centerpieces and bouquets for a wedding, you shouldn’t overlook season stems for your open house either. Here at Griffin’s Floral Designs, we’re sharing the best decor ideas and tips for filling your next holiday open house with eye-catching, alluring, and inspiring flowers and accents.
sign on the store with the inscription open. decorated with christmas decorations.

Make Your Signage Pop for People on the Street

Boosting walk-in traffic is all about making your signage pop. From your main store sign to that glowing “Open” sign or a fun and beautiful board announcing your winter open house, these are first impressions that shouldn’t lack a “wow” factor. Add lush garlands, holly berries, and seasonal greens to give your signs a festive frame. Like putting a bow on a present, it captures anyone’s attention. When people are captivated by your sign, they’re more likely to step inside and see what your business is all about.
Stylish vintage clock and christmas fir branches with baubles and poinsettia close up on building exterior. Modern christmas decor in city street, christmas star flower. Winter holidays in Europe

Enhance Curb Appeal to Invite Guests In 

Eye-popping outdoor floral designs are another brilliant way to capture the attention of passersby and window shoppers. Create arrangements that are so spectacular people can’t help but stop and admire. Bright poinsettias or seasonal planters flanking your door add instant panache to your entryway. Large floral installations coupled with twinkling lights are like magnets for anyone walking by. These floral touches not only beautify your space but also create an irresistible ambiance that whispers, “Something special is happening here.” It’s a visual invitation that’s hard to decline, setting the stage for your spectacular winter open house.
Christmas wreath detail of evergreen and berries on wooden background. Natural Nandian network, green branch and rustic wood crown

Deck the Halls with Accents That Bloom 

Stepping inside your holiday open house should feel like walking into a cozy winter wonderland that no one wants to leave. Let your decor take inspiration from the great outdoors during this season of happiness and celebration. Drape festive garlands around, and add that extra seasonal flair with ornaments, ribbons, and bells nestled among fresh winter blooms. Once you’ve decked the halls with flowers and decor, seal the deal with some gentle holiday melodies to complete the atmosphere.
Smiling flower shop worker making christmas compositions

Highlight In-Store Items and Spruce Up the Showroom

While flowers are something beautiful to admire and enjoy, they are also visual guides that can steer guests and shoppers to hot spots within your business. Use festive floral arrangements to bring attention to new merchandise, sale racks, or other featured items. Opt for vivid blooms and bouquets that complement or pop within the existing color scheme of your space. Think about mixing rich jewel tones with winter whites that sparkle or pairing classic poinsettias with spaces that exude warmth and comfort.
Christmas bouquet. Red flower of

Bring Joy to the Overall Guest Experience

Incorporating flowers into your open house decor is a simple yet effective way to fill your business with holiday cheer. Fresh flowers have a proven track record of boosting moods and brightening spirits. When your guests enjoy a pleasant experience, such as admiring the beautiful blooms or soaking in the festive atmosphere, they’ll associate your business with these positive feelings. This memorable experience makes it more likely that your open house attendees will become repeat customers.
Team up with the experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs to make your holiday open house blossom into a wonderful success.
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