‘Tis the Season for Florals & Fashion: A Style Guide to Winter Formals

The winter season, especially the holiday season, is brimming with parties and events. From winter weddings and school dances to Christmas soirees and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the winter formal season typically lights up the calendar in December and January. With a blend of chic sophistication and the whimsical touch of nature’s coldest season, winter formals are the ideal opportunity to dress up your look with a fresh boutonniere or corsage. The experts at Griffin’s Floral Designs are here to guide you toward the most fashionable floral match. ‘Tis the season to elevate your winter style with the season’s best flowers, boutonnieres, and corsages – the perfect way to spark conversations and turn heads at any formal gathering.

festive Christmas bow tie and red rose boutonniere

Winter Formal Attire for Men

For men stepping out to a winter formal or elegant New Year’s Eve celebration, a crisp suit paired with dress shoes stands as the quintessential choice. You can also choose to express yourself through unique dress pants or a seasonal button-down that showcases your personality. There’s a whole wardrobe world beyond the black suit, from ties and bowties to an elegant sweater or jacket for frigid temperatures. For a finishing touch, a boutonniere adds just the right flourish to any winter formal ensemble. Remember to pin your boutonniere once you arrive at the event to ensure those petals stay fresh and thriving without being crushed by a winter jacket.

Red dress and red corsage

Winter Formal Attire for Ladies

Ladies who love dressing up and feeling glamorous often look forward to winter formals and New Year’s Eve parties. These events typically call for gowns or cocktail dresses coupled with classic pumps or bold high-heeled boots. To balance warmth and fashion, layer on a stylish long coat, shawl, or cape, and slip into some sleek tights that will complete the winter look. Accessorize with a fresh floral corsage for a touch of elegance. If you’re sporting a tight-sleeved overcoat, it’s best to put on your corsage after arriving to keep the blooms vibrant and lively throughout the night.

Blue suit and matching white corsage and boutonniere

Matching Flowers to Your Formal Outfit

Picking the ideal blooms to pin on your lapel or wear on your wrist can truly make your winter formal or New Year’s attire memorable. Opt for seasonal blooms that complement your attire, aiming for a blend of colors that either harmonize with your dress or suit or provide a striking contrast. To perfect your look, incorporate subtle hints of your outfit’s color scheme into your corsage or boutonniere, crafting an ensemble that is both cohesive and stylish.

Black suit and white boutonniere

Dark & Moody

At a winter formal, opting for colors like navy, black, and luxurious jewel shades such as emerald or ruby creates a refined and lovely look. The timeless beauty of a cream calla lily boutonniere against a dark-hued jacket, like black, navy, or rich burgundy, is unmatched. For an extra touch of finesse, add elements like hypericum berries, the delicate sprigs of gypsophila (also known as baby’s breath), or the petite blooms of waxflower. These details bring a unique texture that will ensure your floral accessory stands out.

Red and white floral corsage for wedding

Bright & Cheerful

During Christmas and New Year’s soirees, ruby reds and dazzling sparkles are the stars of the party. Choose sleek, neutral-hued flowers to add just the right touch of holiday enchantment without overshadowing your ensemble. Classic white blossoms are a fantastic pick. Select from captivating white anemones, elegant orchids, and timeless roses to embody a chic winter vibe.

White sweater and succulent boutonniere

Winter Whites & Neutrals

If you plan to dress in shades of white, beige, or other soft neutrals, you will have an excellent opportunity to make a statement with your boutonniere or corsage. While any hue will complement your look, embrace the luxurious side of winter with sumptuous greenery highlighted by rustic pinecones or other seasonal details. For those desiring a dash of holiday spirit, moody shades like the deep burgundy of ranunculus or the bold blue of thistle add just the right amount of richness.

From floral centerpieces to wearable blooms and even a fresh bouquet for your plus one, connect with Griffins Floral Designs. Coordinate flowers for your next winter formal and make it a beautiful night to remember.