A Flower-Inspired Playlist For Blossoming Romance

We here at Griffin’s Floral Designs know how clutch it is to find both the perfect flowers for your wedding and the perfect music. You may be interviewing—and listening to—several different bands, DJs and other musical acts in an effort to ensure that you set just the right tone at your wedding and reception, and that can be a daunting process.

Why not have a little fun with your wedding planning and combine the search for the perfect flowers with the search for the perfect music? Make yourself a little floral-inspired playlist to help you get in the mood. You can even add some of these to your reception playlist.

Flower Playlist: A Top Ten

“The Rose,” Bette Midler’s iconic 1979 ballad, played during the end credits of the film of the same name, will definitely tug at those heartstrings. This emotionally powerful song is sure to please every generation on the dance floor.

Are you having an outdoor wedding, preferably set by the water on a full moon night? Then do yourself a favor and add Jeff Buckley’s 1994 version of “Lilac Wine” to the mix. We love Nina Simone’s 1954 take too, but there’s something about Buckley’s lilting, sweeping vocals that give this undeniably romantic song its ballast.

Everybody loves Seal’s 1991 hit “Kiss From A Rose.” A passionate, powerful ode to a lady love, this song is sure to have couples swaying and singing on the dance floor.

If you’re getting married in the winter, Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz Of The Flowers” from the Maestro’s Nutcracker score could add a beautiful orchestral layer to your nuptials.

Looking for a song to please the older set? Try “Roses Are Red (My Love)” by Bobby Vinton. It has that classic, dramatic vibe—owing to the full choir and strings—and the lyrics are over-the-top romantic yet sweet.

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty is a plucky, pretty ballad about a girl so special she belongs among the wildflowers. This is the perfect selection for a rustic, boho wedding that celebrates nature.

There are so many fabulous versions of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” out there. The song has been performed by everyone from Dean Martin to Donna Summer. The French ballad from 1947 is wistful, nostalgic and utterly romantic.

For something a little more sultry but not lacking in romance, try “Forget Me Nots,” sung by Patrice Rushen in 1982. This enticing ballad will give everyone a reason to both slow it down on the dance floor and add a little funk to their step.

Ani DiFranco may not be known for her shy, sweet ballads, but “This Bouquet” proves that she’s as sentimental as the rest of us. Play this beautiful track to remind everyone of the first blush of falling in love with someone.

The yearning in J.J Cale’s “Magnolia” will leave your wedding guests swooning, crooning and wishing this song was a lot longer than it is.

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