June is "The Month of Weddings," 3 Things You Should Know While Planning Your Big Day

As you plan your once-in-a-lifetime big day, the excitement for your wedding clearly grows. All the while, your roses and other flowers that you will add to your arrangements are growing too. While there are many considerations for your wedding, your flowers symbolize the blossoming bond that you and your loved one are making to one another, promising to become more beautiful as it matures and grows.

With your beautifully clipped flowers and the arrangements in which they become a fragrant and radiant part, you are essentially pressing the “pause” button for the flowers and for your big day. Each time we prepare flowers for weddings, we keep this thought in mind, that the flowers you choose reflect something very unique and special about you.

It makes sense that couples often choose to marry in June, during that time just between spring and summer when love is in full bloom with flowers, especially roses. Keep the following considerations in mind when you plan your June wedding with the love of your life.

  • Express Yourself. Considering that there are 100 species of roses, as well as several beautiful colors that occur in nature and a countless number that occur, thanks to hybridization, you really can create your own palette for your wedding. You can make it as colorfully intricate as you like, or you can keep your floral arrangements simple to let other aspects of your design shine through.
  • The Bouquet Vs. the Decorative and Table Centerpiece Arrangements. You can choose to make your bouquet as unique as you want to, even if it varies from your overall floral theme. With this type of choice, you can also save money if you are on a budget by choosing roses and other top dollar flowers, saving the more budget-friendly flowers for the table centerpieces and other decorative arrangements for the church and the reception hall.
  • Choose Flowers in Full Bloom. If you come across flowers that have not fully bloomed, skip those since they will probably not ever bloom, and you don’t want to get stuck with roses that never bloom for such an important occasion as your wedding day.