Things To Think About When Buying Flowers For An Outside Wedding

At indoor weddings and receptions, flowers often provide the only touch of natural beauty in an otherwise lifeless place. They soften manmade spaces, contrasting the architecture and adding color to neutral decorating schemes. But well-chosen, properly maintained flowers can completely transform outdoor venues, too, and the extra effort is definitely worthwhile. Here are a few things to consider when selecting and buying flowers for your outside wedding.

Pick a dense bouquet

In more traditional ceremonies, cascading bouquets help complete the bride’s wedding-day transformation. The flowers and greenery should flow naturally over her hands, and the longer the cascade, the more volume you’ll need on top to avoid a limp, sloppy look. It’s much harder to maintain these bouquets when you’re outside. Instead, consider the nosegay: a compact, no-fuss cluster of color that is just as striking — and way more resilient.

Find a refrigerator

Most outdoor wedding venues also have indoor spaces, where members of the wedding party can get ready, caterers can prepare food, and guests can use the restrooms. Make sure there’s a refrigerator on the premises, and that there’s extra space inside it. You can store your flowers there until the last possible minute, to reduce their time in the sun. On hot nights, they’ll also need to be chilled beforehand.

Shop locally

Choosing a local vendor is a great way to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint, but shorter transport distances don’t just save fuel. When you buy your wedding flowers from a nearby florist, you also get them much sooner. That means they’ll still be fresh when they arrive that morning.  Plus, you already know that they’re capable of withstanding the local climate.

Give your flowers a break

Humidity and heat are uninvited guests at most summer weddings, and both will quickly wilt wedding flowers that aren’t hardy enough. To prevent this, fill a few spray bottles with water, and gently mist the bouquets, garlands, and corsages throughout the day. Hand-tied blooms are increasingly popular bouquet choices, but their stems dry out much faster. Stick your bouquet in a vase full of water when you’re not using it, and don’t hold it in direct sunlight unless you’re posing for a picture.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Ohio, contact us at Griffins Floral Designs to get started on your floral selections. We have years of experience crafting one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for magical outdoor weddings.