Using Red in Your Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMAs a cold Arctic blast plasters the country, ironing out the details of your wedding may be one of the bright moments you experience right now. At the very least, figuring out how to use red – an incredibly passionate and hot color for winter weddings, may warm your heart and soul, if not the rest of our body.

Using Red Beyond the Bouquets

Bollman-12081541103You can use red as the main color of the flowers in your bouquets, as many brides do for winter weddings, but this picture of the Bollman Wedding shows that red bridesmaids’ dresses are dramatic, unexpected and fun. Granted, sandals aren’t suitable for a winter wedding, but there is no reason why you can’t have our bridal attendants wear red dresses.

If you think red dresses are taking the red too far, you can always have your bridal attendants wear a red ribbon belt. For that matter, the bride may want to add a touch of red to her bridal outfit by adding a red belt – or a belt that is accented with red crystals. A red ribbon belt is fun and flirty and it adds just enough red to give our wedding accents of red without going over the top by turning your whole ceremony and reception into something that people mistakenly associate with a blood bath. That’s certainly not the mental image you want people to go away with after your wedding.

To go along with a red belt, having the groom and his groomsmen wear red ties would add a touch of red to the groom’s side of the bridal party.

Add Red to Your Centerpieces

HurricanCenterpieceFullerton-131031121540Using red in your centerpieces doesn’t necessarily mean that all the flowers in every centerpiece are red. You can incorporate red into a centerpiece that’s based on the theme of your wedding. This wedding at the Pinnacle Golf Club created a lot of drama and elegance by using red carnations and red orchids with other colors – including yellow and orange. Large, exotic tropical foliage anchored the center of the arrangement and spilled over the edges. This bride and groom used a bit of red without going overboard, and the result is a lovely, very unusual and super elegant centerpiece that really creates an atmosphere for their reception.

Be sure to let the experts at Griffins Floral Designs help you incorporate red into your wedding. We promise we’ll help you create the wedding of your dreams.