Using Stargazer Lilies at Your Wedding

shutterstock_171266801Couples planning their wedding want to find ways to make the ceremony entirely their own. The want the colors, decorations, and themes to match their individual personalities and the dreams they have had for the big day. At Griffin’s Wedding Designs we find that couples who take the time to really think about the flowers they want to use throughout their wedding tend to come away from the ceremony feeling immensely satisfied. Flowers are a wonderful way to demonstrate personality and preferences. One flower we find to be particularly gorgeous is the stargazer lily.

The history and meaning of the stargazer lily

Lilies themselves have rich histories that date back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were generally used to symbolize purity and innocence. The stargazer lily itself was not developed until the 20th century, but it has quickly made an impression. The deep and luscious colors of the flower makes it a wonderful addition to any wedding. It also carries modern associations with prosperity, only make it an even more worthy choice.

Where to use stargazer liliesHurricanCenterpiece-131031121416

The centerpiece

These incredible flowers can look spectacular anywhere, but using them with the centerpieces of the wedding reception will surely help make the tables look fantastic. These flowers are quite versatile and can be paired with several other types of blooms. When using the red and white lilies, consider pairing the flowers with other red flowers, green leaves, and similar plants that can help draw out the lily’s colors. These centerpieces can either be low or high, depending upon the needs of those who will be seated at the table.

The bridal bouquetzoom_RosesStargazersWeb10042392714

Few arrangements receive the care and attention that is given to the bridal bouquet. This arrangement must perfectly complement the bride’s dress while also fitting well with the rest of the wedding’s theme and colors. Consider a bouquet that uses bold, pink stargazer lilies with some pink roses and plenty of greenery. The bouquet will speak of romance and love as well as hope for the future. It will be a bridal bouquet and message that everyone should be able to get behind.

Few arrangements look as satisfying as those that incorporate stargazer lily into the arrangement. These stunning flowers have a gorgeous color that will make anyone fall in love with them. Those looking to for the perfect flower to add to their wedding should consider this lovely choice.