You're Engaged, Now What?

047427x640-12080120659He asked and you answered with a tear-filled and joyous yes.  So now  you’re engaged – what to do and where to start for you perfect wedding.


First of all, congratulations to you and your fiancé.  The biggest step has just been made.  Now let’s get to some simple, stream-lined planning that should help lead to a near stress free and relaxing wedding.


Take in a deep breath and think budget first.  I know, for all brides, ideally the sky is the limit but in reality you need to sit with your fiancé and all parties that are going to be assisting with the financial side of your wedding and figure out what you have to work with.  Once that’s complete it’s now time to get down to the planning.


Like most brides, you may become a little overwhelmed with all there is to get done.  Just take a breath, make a check list and take it one step at a time.  First set the date.  It seems common that most brides give themselves nine to twelve months to work with.  So, once the date is set, along with the guest list, it’s time to secure the location and food.  Decisions regarding appetizers, drinks, dinner, and the decor and flowers need to be finalized as soon as possible.  After you have secured the location(s) for your wedding and reception find your photographer.  Get referrals from other local vendors and past brides if possible, but get them booked.


When all of the above is complete, turn your focus onto your flowers.  Your flowers will add unparalleled beauty and elegance to your big day so you will need to get together with a well qualified florist to go over all of your options.  Feel free to bring pictures of what may interest you so your florist will have a good idea of your taste in flowers.  Let the florist know where everything is going to take place so that they know quantities and the space they will be working with.  Remember, when your guests enter into the reception room, it’s usually the flowers and decor that are noticed first so, working with your florist is extremely important.


Now it’s time to find your future spouse’s wedding band.  Consider his taste and personality, that will assist in getting him the perfect wedding band.  Next thing, you and your fiancé have the yummy fun of searching out your beautiful wedding cake.   Then comes the best part of the planning.  Finding your dress.  Search for the dress that will make you feel like a beautiful princess. Once found, contact your florist to match the right bridal bouquet to your wedding gown.  Then you need to search for the perfect dress and bouquet for your brides maids and flower girl.


When the day comes, breath and soak it all in because you are going to be amazed at how quickly the day will pass.  And please, don’t worry if something goes wrong.  No matter how hard we all strive for perfection, nothing is ever perfect.  So enjoy your wedding day, you’ve earned it.